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  1. Thanks Nikki. So once off Herries Rd and onto Longley Lane, it’s the third right turn with massive signs up. ?
  2. Thank you so much for your help. Do you know if the centre is on the telephone in case he gets lost ?
  3. Thank you for all your replies so just to confirm : It’s the third right turn on Longley Lane. Is that correct ?
  4. My neighbour has an appointment booked for a booster jab tomorrow morning at the centre which says Longley Lane. Someone says that the entrance to the jab centre is on Herries Rd, which I think is the entrance to the Northern General Hospital. Is this true as when I lived in that area, Longley Lane was a different road to Herries Rd. My neighbour will be driving himself there, but as he’s in his 90s, I don’t want him to be driving around in circles. Can anyone give me the correct entrance for this jab centre ?
  5. Frank Sinatra Freddy Mercury Joan Rivers Bob Hope
  6. I think I worded my post wrongly. What I meant was that I have a very close friend who is gay, and also close male friends who aren’t gay ! Is that better ?
  7. A man and woman can become close friends if the man is gay. I have a good friend who is gay and we have been close friends for years.
  8. Thank you Hecate. Much appreciated.xxx
  9. Does anyone know if the walk in centres are open throughout Christmas.? My neighbour has to have his booster jab.
  10. Especially when you pull the bed covers back to give them a bed bath and they “ Let it out “ !
  11. My cousin who lives in Leicester has asked me to try and find out anything about her dads brothers and mother who lived in Crookes,Sheffield, in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Because her father Arthur Beadle is now dead she is interested in finding out more about them. If Arthur’s brothers had sons, they will still have the name Beadle. Any information would be appreciated.
  12. Head shaking is also one of the signs of Parkinson’s.
  13. Thank you Hecate. Your information is exactly what I was wanting. Also the click on helpline is very informative.
  14. Just shows you’re keeping your eye on me ! I’m not at all like I seem on SF. I’m quiet, subdued and shy.! I’m as pure as the driven slush, but like Snow White I drifted ! ( you’re not bad yourself Padders.! ) Now there all wondering, “ How does she know that !)
  15. My neighbour asked me a couple of questions about Covid and Omricon but I’m not sure what to tell her. There are many more intelligent people on here than myself, so here goes. 1. If you have been diagnosed with either Covid or Omricon and you have been isolating for the appropriate time, do you still have to get a negative reply on a Covid Self Test, before you can mix with other people.? This is important to her as she is having people to her house for Christmas dinner. 2. If you have the new variety called Omricon ( not sure how to spell it ) is it the same self test kit as for the Corona virus. ? Hope you can help me here, as this lady is in her 90s and housebound, so any information would help her. Thank you.
  16. Yes, there are some other celebrities who have been diagnosed with it but just can’t remember who they are at the moment. I suppose there are even more than that but some won’t want to publisise it will they.? Also more men than women seem to get it don’t they ?
  17. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that. Yes, that could have been the reason.
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