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  1. I agree, some of the old stuff is brilliant,at the side of todays crap. They just arent individual,and copy each other.Where the old stuff,was original and really funny.I agree about Tony Hancock,just brilliant,when you see clips of his black & white shows (especially "The Blood Donor",and with Sid James,terrific.Also liked "Steptoe & Son".The scripts were fantastic,it was the writers who made the shows what they were.
  2. Thanks,buffs ,once more. Problem solved once again.Someone also told me that you can use certain keys on your keyboard,instead of your mouse.Is this true ?
  3. No, Id like to see more of it actually.Whyjust naked ramblers ? Why not naked postmen,naked plumbers, naked builders, and Id love to see my bank manager naked !
  4. When)my husband retired four years ago we always got up at the same time as he went to work(8.30.) But after four years of retirement,we find the day "too long" I know working people will find this hard to beleive,but it really is true. So you lay in till 10.a.m. Then you think(if hes not going fishing)Where can we go today ? Do you feel like this ?
  5. It may be my sense of humour,but certain people on T.V.,radio and films, I just dont find funny. 1.Friday Night with Johnathon Ross" I can sit through the whole programme and not laugh once. His guests seem uneasy, and embarrassed,seems theve just come to promote a book or film,and are "putting up with him" 2.Katherine Tate(Comedienne) Just find her unfunny and dont "get it at all".Seems she just copies stuff off "Little Britain" 3.Ken Dodd.Just too old fashioned. And who do I find funny ? Really Funny 1.Robin Williams. (Say no more) 2.Joan Rivers.(Just my sense of humour)and last but not least 3.Terry Wogan.Especially at the Europian Song Contest.
  6. Maybe my husband should use Meadowsweet,when hes not won the fishing match !
  7. Sorry did it wrong,Don,I mean "Are men more intelligent than women ?"
  8. Ive had my computer now for four months,and love it, but Ive never been able to understand this : What is the difference between going into a programme from "Start" then up into your panel,with your name on top,icons down the left hand side, and things like your computer etc;(which I think these are for word processing) on the right.You can click onto on theleft side of the panel" internet explorer" and "Outlook Express"and go into that programme and : ignoring the "Start " panel and going straight to your "Desk Top Icons" and clicking twice from there ?
  9. The mail newspaper says,that olive oil is better for you than aspirin.Can this be true.Im sure you will be running to the toilet all day depending on how much you take. And if olive oil is better than aspirin, Im sure Popeye will be glad !
  10. Hazel, I love to read what Ive written on the Forum.Im very big headed of course and think that Im a much better writer than I really am. Its not until I go on the Computer part and ask questions from the Buffs there,that I realise how dopey I am.I love to read all the chit chat between the men,when they are having a go at each other. Two of them were talking about two male writers last week,comparing their works.I had never heard of either of the writers,but realised how clever the members were.
  11. Depends how old you are. If your old like me you want to do different things : let me think now,I may not have too much time left so it doesnt matter how outrageous the things are.I think my choices would be :I would like to sky dive.2.Eat chocolate all day long. 3.Buy anything I want ,no matter what the cost. and yes I forgot 4.Win the lottery.Forgot the most important one 5.to be in the best of mental and physical health forever.
  12. Thanks alchresearch.If mine was a Gazetteer from 1953, I know I wont get one again. I wonder why someone doesnt print one.They are so handy,especially when driving.
  13. About forty years ago someone gave me a small paperback book measuring about three and three quarter inches wide by five and a half inches long.In it were listed in alphabetical order every street in Sheffield.This was before Postcodes came out,so it would say e.g. Adkins Rd,Parson Cross Estate,Sheffield.5.It was a street directory but I have used it so much that the fron t has fallen off, the pages have turned yellow, and some have fallen out.Ive looked all over for something similar,but all I can buy are the Sheffield AZ with maps in. They are bulky,and I dont needs maps.The one of mine sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Can anyone tell me where I can get one from ?(with postcodes in)
  14. Just trying it out once more to make sure. Did you say that the "Post Reply" becomes redundant after pressing Quote,then its" Submit Reply". Is this right ?
  15. I am trying it out cgksheff,cos its the first time Ive done it,and everybody is telling me different things.
  16. I can post on the Forum,but I dont know how to do it when before the posting it say : quote : then a long box that says : original posted by : Then it says the posting that you are replying to. What do you do to have that before your posting,because some people have it, and some dont.
  17. Thanks deecee. I dont smoke, and rarely drink alchohol,so they may do someone some good,sometime !
  18. Thanks so much Willman and Shiesh for your advice. And your thread,which I clicked on.Seems more people suffer from it than I thought. I realise that it is probably one or two bad situations that you have in your life,you get through them at the time,then later when they are over,you start and think about them,and you feel panicky about what you went through. I think different people deal with things in different ways, and this is probably my way of dealing with it.(In my case it was a death in the family) Dont know wether that makes sense or not. I do find one of the best ways of dealing with it,is talking about it. I have found to my surprise,that on doing this, people who I thought were really confident,arent really,and tell me that they feel the same way as me.I think one of the main things is keeping occupied,dont you ? Thanks everyone.Still open to suggestions of what worked for you.Yes, I was offered Seroxat,but turned it down,as it had had a bad press review.Seems in older people it can be a lack of Seratonin in the brain.Must get some of that. Must try St.Johns Wort,as someone suggested.
  19. Im ashamed to say I do, and I dont know why. I seemed to be alright when I was working but now Im retired, they seem to have got worse. I keep thinking that something terrible is going to happen, and it never does. Is anyone else affected in the same way ? And what did they do about it ? Ive tried relaxation tapes, and the doc gave me some tablets,which helped,but Id like to get over it myself.
  20. Yes, for anyone else interested in carrying a donor card,if you already have a Boots card, you ring up the phone number on the receipt of the next thing you buy from Boots.They send you a new card with a donor emblem on it, and inform the health service to put your name on the donor list.Trouble is im not young, and they may not want my organs.?
  21. Hullmackem, its funny but I was just going to ask the same question as you have asked. I would like it done,but am afraid of something going wrong. Will you let me know how the consultation goes ? I am very shortsighted, so dont know wether it will work on me. I would love to give up my glasses .
  22. If I am inserting a DVD or CD (pictures not music) into my lap top,do I insert it before I switch my computer on,or after.If after Ive switched on, do I insert it while the icons are on,before Ive double clicked ? Kristian,usually helps me on these. Question.2. I didnt go on to my computer at all yesterday or last night. Tonight when I went to E mail, BT started asking for my user name and password over again.Usually I just click a box that says dial,and it puts me straight through to outlook express,but not tonight. Came onto the Forum,instead hoping it will right itself when I go back.Last time this happened it took me days for BT to accept my password etc; is this because I didnt use my computer yesterday ?
  23. Deecee I managed it . The Donor card through Boots.
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