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  1. Q tips? For cleaning my husbands ears out.He seems to twist and twist them round and round,now my son does the same.I keep telling them they will bust their ear drums,maybe they want to, then they wont have to listen to me yacking !
  2. ....................................................
  3. My neighbour is one, so dont know what to call her.
  4. Id go for it ! Go to you GP and try and get it done on the health service,if not check out the surgeons,if you have it done privately,as there are some sharks out there.Tell your GP you are getting backache,Im sure he will refer you.
  5. Yes, its definitely for sprains,bruises and swellings.Its very expensive to buy so look after it. I always have it in the house.Got a big bottle from qvc ,and it always comes in handy.Good for arthritis as well.
  6. Im a pensioner,and have never heard of them.Is it a proper lion on them? or just a yellow mark ? I never wear carpet slippers( well hardly) only when coming out of the bath.Rest of the time I just wear my ordinary shoes right up to going to bed.
  7. Thanks kristian, I will look at the back when I come off my computer. Its just that I wondered if the "click" part on my lap top will ever wear out ?
  8. Can I connect a mouse to my lap top ?And would I need to ?Cant see any connection points down the right hand side of my computer,and Im not left handed but there are a couple on the front(left hand side).What would be the advantages of a mouse over what Ive got at the moment ?
  9. Live one minutes walk away from roscoe bank.But wouldnt we have hear it howling if it was a wolf ?.Heard plenty of owls a tootin,and doves a cooing, but no wolves a howling!
  10. Excuse me ! No semi on the Manor for me. More like a detached atStannington , if you please. Grand views of the Rivelin Valley for Ol Blue Eyes, Winston can rummage around in my hubbies fishing hut , and Robin can tell me jokes,as he makes me cry with laughter
  11. Is Outlook Express being phased out ? I notice that when I go on the B.T.Yahoo pay as you go,and outlook Express comes up it is superimposed with B>T>Yahoo Internet Mail. I click the x on the top to remove this and carry on with Outlook Express,but what is happenning ?
  12. If you could invite three famous people(dead or alive)to dinner,who would they be,and why would you invite them ?Mine would be : 1.Frank Sinatra = A genius at interpretation and phrasing, He would sing after dinner. 2.Robin(not Robbie) Williams + He would tell jokes during dinner 3.Sir Winston Churchill = He would give an after dinner speech.
  13. I want Christmas to disappear. I hate it,its the biggest con trick ever .Christ wasnt even born at Christmas
  14. I mean when kids are dying in Africa should America be spending all that money on the Shuttle. What has it achieved ?The last Shuttle didnt come back,and this one was dubious.
  15. Thanks Tony, Most helpful about "google".Have written down what you have said and will try it next time i "google".But do I click on "Tools" before I Google or afterwards ?
  16. Thanks for all your replies to "how do I find Google ?" Some of the questions on the computer site are so technical,that you dont like asking simple things.I was coming on tonight toask how I get to the "Home Page" but my replies were all there when I got there.Thanks once again,your knowledge is invaluable.
  17. I suffer with arthritis in the neck & spine.Its been quite bad for the last two weeks but Ive been taking Collagen capsulles for a year now.Its a supplement from Holland & Barrett.Yes the antiinflammatory drugs do upset your stomache but Collagen doesnt at all. Found it quite effective.
  18. RegretsI had a few,But then again too few to mention.I did what I had to do and saw it through without convention.I planned each careful course each careful step along the by way,and more much more than this I did it my way.Something like that anyway.Yes I put my mother in a home,and caused me distress,but I couldnt look after her either.
  19. Nothing very technical,but as a new computer user how do I find google.I typed in Google then "search" but no luck.How do I find their site?
  20. No, Poppins that wasnt a clairvoyant but a Spiritualist Church. Two different things( I think). One fortells the future.the other contact the dead.(Or suppose to)
  21. Yeah,could be the space shuttle,trying to get back in.After all theve had load of problems with it.And of course they would pick Sheffield to land wouldnt they ?
  22. Yes, 82 is that hall Park Head or Stanninton ? I had a very nasty,rudeone the other year on the Hall Park Head.Just because Id got a £1 coin instead of forty pence.Told me to get off the bus If I didnt have the right money.Was swearing and everything.Of course I complained but nothing came of it.Mind you I havent seen him since,unless hes on a different route.Must get up their tick though this hot weather.Must be like sitting in a greenhouse.
  23. Im 67 now and have liked him from being about 17yrs of age.Hes terrific, what a voice.Still gives me the shivers to listen to him. Theres a programme on telly about him this week,something about his cold side(his temper & the Mafia I guess) and his warm side(his singing I guess) When I die I hope his voice will be the last one I hear.Unless of course someone playsthe Mommas and Poppas singing"California Dreaming" Which comes second best.
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