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  1. I’m as pure as the driven slush, but like Snow White, I drifted ! Think I’m going to book to see these !
  2. Had a date with a bald man.!
  3. I didn’t think the winning song was very good either !
  4. Sorry I don’t like him.! There are more “ mannish” players than him. Actually I prefer golf, which is more skilful and interesting.
  5. I agree with you here. Women’s football seems more skilful, and they are not as mardy as male footballers.
  6. Repeats on tv. Want to do some gardening but it keeps raining!
  7. Yes, I agree. My brother in law was American and when he saw a football game for the first time he was amazed how skilfull it was compared to the American game.
  8. Those were the days my friends, We thought they’d never end We'd laugh and sing those songs of yesterday The BBC played stuff, That stopped us feeling rough Those were the days my friends, Those were the days !
  9. Nay, I’m as pure as the driven slush, but like Snow White I drifted !
  10. Your avatar describes how I feel !
  11. Although the snooker has now finished at the Crucible we are having some wonderful programmes on now about the players and their life stories. The programme last night showed the appeal of snooker to women viewers. Very elegant players in smart suits with waistcoats, bums in tight trousers, one leg stretched across the snooker table with their cues. Ah yes, very nice ! Bring it on !
  12. I did my childhood dream which was to be a nurse. My second ? Air hostess.!
  13. Why do they never do anything with The Old Courthouse ? It would make a good hotel as it’s in a prime position,but it is left like that year after year. Is it a listed building I wonder ?
  14. I do hope Leicester win.! Jamie Vardy is a Yorkshire lad and their main striker. They are the underdogs but can do it with Jamie.!
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