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  1. Was he in the group “Take That ?”
  2. Wasn’t he a good dancer ? I was impressed !
  3. I agree. Besides the horrible lip fillers there is a tendency to ultra white teeth.
  4. Frank Sinatra was an only child. He was born on the kitchen floor.
  5. Exactly.!Also I believe they don’t always know who the celebrity is even when theve removed their mask, but have to fake a surprised look.
  6. I agree, and the over reaction of the judging panel is so false !
  7. Found out it’s Safari. I thought it had stopped asking me to sign in each time, but it’s started again.
  8. I think it’s ok if it’s not overdone eg too much filler etc; When my boys left school for good, I told them : No motorbikes, no tatoos, and no piercings.! They said, “ But mom, we don’t want any of these things anyway” They are both successful in their chosen careers. One works in Washington DC and one has his own firm and is a property developer.
  9. Yelled at George Clooney.
  10. Of course nikki. I understand now what you meant .
  11. I thought it was on in the week as well nikki ? Now that’s an idea , what next ? The Masked Musical instrumentalist ?
  12. I agree. Saturday night was THE night for entertainment. Morecambe and Wise were great, and it was something to look forward to. Now on The Masked Dancer, the reaction of the panel is so false and completely over the top.! Of course he is !
  13. It’s funny but since I posted this it’s never happened again !
  14. I’m on a tablet ( or iPad as some call them ) but don’t know what my browser is. How do I find out ?
  15. I’ve never had problems with Facebook or Amazon, just SF. No I haven’t changed any privacy settings in my browser, also haven’t told it to clear my cookies. It’s only been happening for the past two weeks, and was perfectly normal before that.
  16. Although I always tick to keep signed in to SF, when I leave then come on another time, I always have to sign in again. Is anyone else having this problem ?
  17. Heavens knows why there is so much publicity about this programme as it so boring ! Yes, I did switch channels but there was nothing on the other side either.!
  18. Everything changes from day to day. Eventually we will be able to have one vaccination instead of two against Covid each year, like the flu jab. What they need to do is a full investigation into how the virus originally started, where, and how it leaked out.
  19. Yes that was really funny.!
  20. I live in Stannington which is very hilly, so these riders love hills.!
  21. These days a lot of women earn more than their husbands, but I think this is good, especially if the husband is ever ill and not earning money.
  22. It says they are “ Too hard to resist !” You bet !
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