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  1. The trouble is they put all the good programmes on at 9pm.! So Surgeons : At The Edge Of Life “ was on at the same time as “ 24 hours in A& E .
  2. I can understand that. If a nurse felt sick while attending an operation we were told to faint backwards. This never happened to me, and I was glad, as sometimes the surgeon was my brother in law. The worst things I ever attended were abortions. Yes, I agree with you.
  3. I had to switch over when the details came on about the little boy cruelly killed by his parents. I noticed that the mother was his step mother, so I think this would have something to do with it.
  4. Magnificent programme ! BBC2. Colorectal consultant Nicola Fearnhead and consultant urologist Alex perform a pelvic operation. How I admire these surgeons. As they said at the end of the programme : “ The buck stays with me “ !
  5. You wouldn’t want to be in the jungle with George Clooney ? ?
  6. Yes, I liked Christmas crackers as well.
  7. I wonder why they don’t have them on tv now ? I really liked that programme. I think it would be a big hit if it came back.
  8. Yes, they were. Depends when they were filmed. Neither do I. I cannot watch the soaps either.My favourite programmes are about the police, medical or true murder mysteries.
  9. So do I. Fact is always more fascinating than fiction don’t you think ?
  10. I’ve really had programmes I like this week and last week.! What with The Great Escape last week, and now the Attack on Pearl Harbor last night, it’s great to get interesting programmes at last. Servicemen from both sides still remembered the scenes with disbelief. The eye witness testimony is riveting. It’s a three parter which concludes tonight. Thank you Channel 5.
  11. Oh, we can have deceased people in then ? Ok then I have to add : Frank Sinatra Freddy Mercury
  12. I haven’t got any women in so I had better choose you Cressy.
  13. Sorry Cressy I was going to start it but an old friend phoned up and then it was bedtime. Anyway here goes : George Clooney Kai Witherington ( from Strictly Come Dancing ) Dermot O’. Leary Dominic Raab Cressida
  14. Cressy, do you think we should have “ Who would you love to be in the jungle with ? “
  15. I agree with this reply. Also I would tell them that you are going to contact Trading Standards.
  16. I agree, and especially with Covid and now the new variant.! I would rather listen to Bing Crosby singing “ It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas ! “
  17. So true ! Trouble is when they are rubbish songs and singers, they really do “ Go on, and on, and on !”
  18. I agree. It’s just the repetitiveness of her songs that I don’t like. Every one sounds the same to me. Like Cressy says I was also disappointed that she didn’t sing Skyfall as that’s her best yet. She reminds me of a wolf wailing in the woods at night !
  19. Im glad someone else feels the same. When I think of Ella Fitzgerald,that’s real singing !
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