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  1. A face to face appointment with my GP is impossible unless you are seriously ill, but a blood test can be arranged separately over the phone with the receptionist usually within a few days. This is because you are seeing the nurse at the practise for the blood test. Also because a GP gets paid for every blood test he requests. See why you get them done quicker than a face to face appointment ? 

  2. Ive used no end of weedkiller this year like Weedol etc ; They promise to get rid of weeds in “ 24 hrs” but they always come back after a few weeks. I’m in a gardening group on Facebook and have asked the same question. Ive had some good replies including :

    Pour boiling hot water on them.

    Pour white vinegar on them.

    Mix together Bicarbonate of Soda and white vinegar.


    Ive just poured some boiling hot water on a small patch to leave for a few days to see what happens, and if that doesn’t get rid of them, it’s onto bicarbonate of soda mixed with white vinegar. 
    Meanwhile has anyone else got any more tips for removing weeds permanently? ( Well at least for the rest of the year)

  3. 51 minutes ago, Thirsty Relic said:

    Very annoying, especially for regular users who look at more than one topic.  My ad-blockers remove them, but I'm left with white space, meaning that the bottom post (usually the most recent, and therefore the one you want to read) is invisible. 


    A huge amount of space on top of the forum is taken up by the "Portrait Artist of the year" ad - far bigger than the red part - that could easily be halved and the other used for ad's instead.  Another problem with that area is if you leave your cursor there by accident, the post you were on goes and you are left with the posts on Portrait Artists - also annoying.


    Yes, I'll give is some time, but the above and the length of time new scan posts stay up before being taken down are certainly making the forum less attractive to me.

    I agree with you..What does Portrait Artist of The Year mean ?

  4. 26 minutes ago, HeHasRisen said:

    Pretty sure when my nan was around, we used to take her to the shops in our family car (which had a different reg to her own car) and displayed her blue badge without any issue, dont even remember the reg being on the blue badge but my memory is hazy.

    Thanks for your advice. I also checked my neighbours blue badge and although he has a blue badge ticket number, the reg. number of his daughters previous car is not on it, so I would think that a blue badge can be used in any car, as long as the blue badge itself is not out of date. He does remember putting his daughters reg number on his original application form.

    2 minutes ago, buddysbuddy said:

    my wife holdsa blue badge. it can be used in any vehcle,it is not limited to one car. I remeber some years ago the badge was issued to a vehicle but i thought this system had been scrapped. just out of curiosity who is the issueing authority for your nieghbours badge, it may be that different authorities have different rules.


    This is some good information here, thanks.  My neighbours badge is issued by Sheffield City Council. I’m sure the badge is issued to the person and not the car.

  5. My neighbour is a blue badge holder but uses the card in his daughters car. When he applied for his blue badge his daughter had another car and he had to put the registration number of her car down on the application form. His daughter has just changed her car and he is wondering whether he has to let the council know of the new cars reg. number. He has been trying to get through on his phone but the blue badge office at the council is continually engaged. I would like to help him as he’s 90 years old and has trouble walking. Any advice would be appreciated.

  6. 8 hours ago, jane2008 said:

    Agree with Magneteer.


    Same as the toastie maker, the smoothie maker, the potato ricer. the George Foreman grill.  All in the back of the cupboard.


    Convenience  is just too convenient.

    I’ve had all these things like Jane which are now stuck in the back of the cupboard. Trouble is charity shops don’t accept electrical goods so they are going to be there forever.

  7. 6 hours ago, cressida said:

    Yes pattricia,  maybe I should take up dancing as he's kept his figure.


    What I like about this programme is that it's good clean family entertainment🙂

    Was he in the group “Take That ?”

  8. On 02/06/2021 at 21:04, GabrielC said:

    We live in a superficial society that puts on huge pressure to look a certain way in the belief that if we conform we will fit in. But we're never satisfied it like an relentless hunger. 

    I agree. Besides the horrible lip fillers there is a tendency to ultra white teeth. 

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