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  1. 12 hours ago, Skink said:

    thinking about getting a Slackline kit for myself for Christmas, it might be okay in the garden but I would love to go to the park with it


    There are many great trees in the parks around us that would work really nicely - obviously I would use tree protectors but wonder if anyone has done this, or been challenged by doing so?


    What about out in Derbyshire? Underneath Stanage Edge would be an ace spot



    What is a Slackline kit ?

  2. 1 hour ago, BigAl1 said:

    Pattricia, have you never thought to turn the TV off and read a book or chose one of the other 100 of channels that might be available 

    Thats what I do, but some of the cookery parts are introduced in the middle of other programmes that are nothing to do with cooking.

    44 minutes ago, MICK BADGER said:

    I love watching Nigella Lawson

    Now she was classy, and her programmes enjoyable and interesting.

  3. I am so fed up with them. They are on every type of programme from discussions, to entertainment, to cookery competitions . They always make minute meals with  ingredients in them that are not normal ingredients that you have on your pantry. The other people on the programme have to taste them, and always smile, and say “ oooh, that’s lovely !” I just wish someone would pull a face and say “ oooh, that was bloody awful !” 

  4. 1 hour ago, Meltman said:

    I know what they mean. When on one of my visits to the USA I had shop assistants asking me to say something "because your accent is so lovely " but can you please speak slowly so we can understand you!

    When my son, who lives and works in America tells his American friends that he originally comes from Sheffield, England, they ask him “ Oh, is that between London and Scotland ?” 

  5. 51 minutes ago, Meltman said:

    Exactly.....makes really good reading....and brings back memories. 


    Yes,I love the Yorkshire accent. When my youngest son who lives in Sheffield phones his elder brother who works in Washington DC, the office is full of Americans. When his younger brother leaves him a message, the American co- workers tell his elder brother “ Your brother phoned up from Sheffield and left a message, but sorry we couldn t understand a word he was saying ! “

  6. 8 hours ago, francypants said:

    Last nights episode of  Surgeons : At The Edge of Life was exceptional, the best one yet.   The surgeons gave that terminally ill man his whole life back.  I really felt for the younger man who had the agressive brain tumour,  although they managed to extend his life he was still terminal  .......  so sad.

    I totally agree with  'Stan '   these brilliant people are the ones who should be rewarded not your so called  celebrities and overpaid footballers etc.

    It's very annoying when several programmes are on at the same time  ( usually 9pm ) but I have a Digi Box and I record all the programmes I want to watch.  Also means that I can fast forward through the adverts which nowadays seem to be on for ages and are also so annoying !!

    ......  there I feel a lot better now !!       🤬  🤣

    I agree with you Francy.

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