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  1. Wisewood is a council estate that was built when they knew how to build houses with character. Nice front and back lawns with privet hedges. If you’ve got plenty of money then Whirlow is an area where the houses hold their price.
  2. Daniel Craig waves a final goodbye, To the worlds notorious spy, Who’ll next top the bill With license to kill ? For James Bond, it’s no time to die.
  3. Can you believe in the news channels online that they are giving away sections of what will happen in the storylines of the soap operas on every channel? What about people like me who don’t watch soaps ? Is this really. News ?
  4. This is just a general enquiry. Does a person in good health, in their fifties, who has already had two jabs of the Corona vaccine still have to have the booster jab.? Or is the booster just for older people ?
  5. Spot on ! Also remember that the cheapest tradesman isn’t always the best !
  6. The pharmacy won’t know her name but last year you could walk into any pharmacy and get a flu jab on the spot with no prior booking.
  7. Although Strictly Come Dancing is my favourite programme I was disappointed in last Saturdays offering which was “ Musicals “ I was hoping for some really good Hollywood musicals like “ Guys and Dolls “ .
  8. Do you have had to have had the booster jab done first ?
  9. I’ve had my Covid and my flu jab but I’m asking for my neighbour. She’s had all her Covid jabs but every time she rings her GP to try and book her flu jab they say that they haven’t got the vaccine in yet. I wondered if she can book online for the flu jab ?
  10. And another well wisher from me Rolly.
  11. I believe they also designed the Jodrell Bank Telescope.
  12. Same here. I had a chance to see Sinatra’s last concert in London, but turned it down, because of other commitments.
  13. Thank you ! Flattery will get you anywhere ! Lol……
  14. I think you are right Padders. I mean the last line of the song says “ I Did It My Way “ !
  15. Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall, Suddenly realised they couldnt move at all, Said one to the other: This is all because of you, I told you not to mess with that tube of superglue !
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