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  1. I agree with you. I still think the BBC are good.!
  2. Nice one you got in there Cressy ! Lol……
  3. Ah yes ! That’s nice ! Basil Brush !
  4. You aren’t picking on me because this is a forum, where anyone can express their views. When other members ask why do I watch them, or why don’t I turn over, I do ! It’s just that any other programme I turn over to, has always got a cookery item on as well.! Thank you for sticking up for me !
  5. This isn’t a pet, but wish it was ! Just been out to feed the birds and layed out sunbathing on my back lawn, is a fully grown fox. Don’t know whether it’s male or female but I darent take the bird food out in case the fox ran off. What a lovely sight ! Hope he or she calls again !
  6. wonder what happened to Gary Rhodes , you never see him now. He can’t be that old.
  7. Also talk shows aren’t as good as Parkinson and Wogans were. Every question seems to be pre- planned, as though theve discussed the whole programme beforehand.
  8. Keith Floyd was my favourite cook. Loved his cavalier attitude. He loved to have a glass of alcohol at the side as he was cooking. If they showed his programmes again, I would watch them.
  9. They are on every programme even if the programme is nothing to do with cooking. The cook uses some ingredients that most people either don’t have on their pantry or have never heard of. When the dish that has been cooked is given to the other guests to taste, they always say it’s “ Delicious “ even though you can tell some don’t like it. I would love someone to say “ Ugh ! It’s awful !” As for The Great British Bake Off and all the similar programmes, the producers love it when a competitor drops a dish of food on the floor, or leaves something in the oven to burn. Instead of cutting that bit out of the programme, they play it over again, to brighten up the programme !
  10. Thank you Waldo. Just done it ! No problem at all !
  11. Thanks zach. Never thought of emailing the photo but will do that.
  12. I have a stored photo on my iPad that I would like to send to a friend on Facebook Messenger but don’t know how to do this. Can anyone give me any advice as I not all that good with iPads.
  13. Yes, but keep it clean !!
  14. Well it is very unusual for him to be missing isn’t it ? As long as he’s ok.
  15. It’s ok Cressy he’s replied to my pm. He says he’s on his yearly sabbatical, but no idea what that means !
  16. I’m worried in case he’s ill. Still no reply to my pm. Unless his computer is down.
  17. No reply from Padders to my pm.
  18. I was wondering myself where he was. Has anyone PMD him ? I’ve just pmd him.
  19. Just coming on here for your advice. I’ve had all my jabs for Covin, but have just done my first Covid-19 Self Test at home. .The result was negative but what do you do with the test strip which gives you the result ? Do you keep it for proof or throw it away. I have two kits so there will be another test strip in the other kit.
  20. I also never knew about the ignore list. I thought you had to report them to the Mods. My silliest ones were in pms . One poster asked me where I bought my bras from ! I found out that this person was a cross dresser. I did reply to him as it didn’t offend me. Lol…..
  21. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, was groundbreaking, and ties up with so many of the views held today . However it would be many years before those views were accepted.
  22. I find it very false with forced laughter. If someone on the programme is rude like Miriam Margolys or the Italian cook, Gino , whoever is presenting that day, pretends to look shocked, then cover their mouths, and burst into laughter. This is so obviously false, as they always invite the rude celebrities back on, when they are rude again.
  23. Thank you Ian. I am on Facebook so will look Charlie the Golden up.
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