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  1. Many thanks for this info shall certainmly try it:)
  2. Could any one advise which adaptor to buy for hanimex automatic lense to cannon e o s 450d :(
  3. any idea where to by parrifin for greenhouse heater in the arbourthorne area:hihi:
  4. Thank you for your time and information (n Ahappy christmas and new year to you ---------- Post added 06-12-2012 at 08:48 ---------- And many thanks to all who helped ?
  5. m42 screw threads woul be grateful can you get an adaptor for these lenses , for canon 450d
  6. Abrand of lenses used on praktika mtl50 amers
  7. Thanks for your help much appreciated:)
  8. It is a very warm and welcoming estate , the people popen and down to earth they call a spade aspade. my family and i have lived here for forty years plus
  9. Can any help me trying to aquire adaptor ring for sirius lenses to canon 450d ?
  10. justbought extension tubes any advice would be welcome on how to use them correctly
  11. Where can i find some virgian creepers around sheffield plants save all you wits coming out with sarcastic answers
  12. Treat your lawn with lawn sand thnis will kill the moss and ten you can start to arate it and then ressd the bare area (lawn sand at i ounce per suare yard and brushwell in if it hasnt after 48 hours give it a good soaking it will kill the moss in seven to ten days
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