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  1. Hi there just been out exploring and we came across the allotments situated on wadsley common. Does anyone know anything about these and how you go about renting one? Just moved into the area and these would be perfect.
  2. We are located up near Worrall but can travel. Want her doing as soon as she's mature enough Thank you.
  3. Hiya all, know this is a long shot but I'm getting a ferret in a couple of weeks and looking for advice one where in Sheffield I can get her spayed. Also wondered if there are any groups or anything about Sheffield?
  4. If anyone at all can help me by the way feel free to PM, and pictures or general descriptions would be awesome.
  5. I would gladly take in a rescue dog, if it werent for the fact the dog we have currently might adapt better to a puppy rather than an adult male coming in
  6. Any Chance of pics at all S35Owl, or general description?
  7. Hi! I am looking for a puppy, preferably that of a small dog. Crossbreed will be fine. The puppy will be entering a home with another small dog (Jack Russell) Who is neutered, but still I would prefer a male. Please feel free to contact me via the forums if you do have anything that would fit the criteria (Male and small basically) Willing to pay, vaccinations not necessary as I can cover those myself but if already done would be a bonus.
  8. My Cat Mogwai started pacing, and literally wouldn't leave me alone when she came into labour. As the above person said, the cats belly will become more bell shaped, and when labour actually starts she may start panting. You can try and put a bed down for the cat but usually she will pick her own place unless your supervising her, my cat chose the pillow next to me on my bed (lovely) Normally they don't need any help, but if you can be there when she is in labour it can be more comforting for you and her, as you will know nothing is going wrong, and it is quite wonderful when you see the little one being born.
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