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  1. 23rd opens on moor 25th markets to be pulled down next June
  2. seen eastern Europeans all over Sheffield begging, good for the Country, Roll on January, we wont have enough cups for em,
  3. Well laugh if you will, but I was walking through Wardsend Cemetary a few weeks ago late at night as I had missed my last bus home, It was dark and very intimidating as you can imagine, anyway I was cut short having an upset tummy during the day, I slipped behind a gravestone to relieve myself, when I herd a voice slowly say,"there's only me and you in this graveyard" I replied, "they'll only bi thee when I get mi ****in trousers up" LOL!
  4. I went 1956 to 1960, there was a miss Cain, a Mr short.Mr Beckman this kid had a glass cane of some kind about a foot long and 2 inch round, i can remember more, but not names.
  5. worked as an aprentice Brickie on Norfolk park, arond £7 a week wages in 1966 used to drink in Forty Foot, one and ten a pint, a quid got you 10 pints, beer wer one and eleven in best room, 5 pints a Ted's ale and you'd restle Tigers. Still on go is old Ted Nutthall, Happy times.
  6. The old Forest on Rutland hill, kicks off around 9 30 pm, guitar if you wanna sing, Backin tracks if you prefer, It's a brill night every Friday, real ales on, Stones and Smiths smooth. Cum on Down yeah!!!!
  7. Try Grafftons, but it caused one hell of a fight when Shane asked for it, He He
  8. I used to do the Mansfield run for Newboulds, Vin Kenny used to be gone by the time I clocked in, always took a couple of trays of bread off my wagon first though, be around 1968, Kev Coupland, Cyril ? was a supervisor. I think my van was journey 41
  9. any one remember these two guys, used to play at the George fourth Hotel Langsett road most Saterdays, I did here one of them had been ill a few years back, just wondered if they were still on the go, We used to have some brill nights with them at the George.
  10. Any one have any info on the Chevin housing flats on Halifax road, Wadsley bridge, they are situated at the side of the Wadsley Bridge club, how many bedrooms do they have, are they age restricted, do they allow pets, rents etc etc.
  11. I'v got a steel tower four foot square, what hight are you working at 07984650813 ---------- Post added 29-01-2013 at 18:16 ---------- I have a steel four foot square tower with boards, how high are you working?, 07984650813
  12. Heard this week Ray Morgan has passed away, sad if true, Any one confirm. I guess you would have to be in your mid 60s, to know who Im mentioning.
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