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  1. hi Steve, i love reflexology and would like to book my partner in - as this post is a few years ago I'm just wondering if you've stayed in touch with her adn if she has a website? thanks!
  2. This is such a positive thread! Congrats to all of you who managed it and don't give up hope all of you who still want to!
  3. We've found best man speeches can be delivered confidently and calmly with charisma after a few empowering hypnotherapy sessions. It's not just the bride and groom that can feel the pressure and sickness of anxiety at what they've been requested to do!! Hypnotherapy is a great way to feel excellent about the day and really enjoy every minute of the happy event it should be.
  4. I helped my old work colleague who'd failed twice due to nerves, my best mate and several clients to pass their driving test confidently. It's great to help someone go from a pale, petrified version of themselves into a calm, efficient, methodical and confident driver. Driving test anxiety and nerves is so cruel and horrid - Its one of my favourite things to work on and control ☺️
  5. I've had a few GP referrals for IBS as Tom mentioned (it's had success in clinical trials so is endorsed now) BUT Westfield private health packages can cover hypnotherapy - so quiz your employer if there are health packages you can sign up to at a discount rate! Then choose a qualified and friendly hypnotherapy service and enjoy change! Hope this helps!
  6. Hi ladies and gents, I also provide discreet hypnotherapy and emotional support services for private clients across Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Worksop and Barnsley. I always offer free consultations face to face for all new clients to make sure hypnotherapy is suited for you and that you feel comfortable with the process. I think it offers some reassurance and peace of mind before you start! It also gives me a chance to ask more in depth questions about what you are currently experiencing and how you'd prefer it to change for maximum positive impact. I'm verified by the government endorsed Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (the CNHC) and accredited as a full insured member of the National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH). Thanks for reading! Warmest regards, Shauna
  7. Haha, lol never noticed that! The truth is, I've been thinking about it for four years and still don't know haha! ;-)
  8. Has anyone had the chance to see 'the fall' series 2 on bbc2? It has really got me captivated; a male therapist, loving dad of two, who develops into a serial killer of brunette women - it's dark but it's really well written and addictive!!
  9. This thread has been helpful in finding local support for exercising & weight loss. Sometimes my clients want that extra support as the weight starts to come off. Getting slim and changing your body image can be a big change psychologically.
  10. This has been a great thread for helping my weight loss clients (& myself) develop a great workout. Thanks to all who have contributed, I found it really useful :-)
  11. Hi, Sorry to intrude but I'm a secret coffee obsessive (there I've said it) and I recently visited what looked like an old school classroom called the three bears cafe and the coffee was amazing! The crema was delicious and I was very, very impressed. I felt it was slightly better than bragazzis and tamper for me, but coffee is a personal taste so it would be worth checking it out for yourself. The food is ciabattas (I had Milano salami and pesto, nom nom nom) and fresh zingy salad that had something slightly anaseedy in it which was delish, and the cakes were to die for! I had a Santiago tart (heavy almonds and orange zest) if I went back I'd probably try the lemon cake as I was told it was lighter.... I was too greedy after all my food though to listen and went for the biggest most rich cake hahaha Oh and the seating was up cycled wood pallets with coffee bag settee covers, but it was kinda slick, I loved it actually. I felt quite inspired to read and relax there. You can tell I'm raving about it can't you? My mates have yet to hear all this from me.... Haha Seriously though if you like good coffee and good food in sheffield it's pretty cool and quirky. It actually is an old school as well in sharrow!
  12. oooooh is there going to be a cinema built on the moor? I didn't know that! Ooooh that's so exciting, I will definately use that - I've always found Centertainment is a nightmare for parking and so far out that you can't have a glass of wine or anything then, either!
  13. Hi there, I would just like to ask Sheffield carers and anyone interested (I will forward this to the carers centre as well) if they would be genuinely interested in attending an event for some free reiki? :D The reiki taster sessions would last around 20 minutes EACH so you can really enjoy it (no five minute samples here!) and would be manned by AT LEAST 4 reiki practitioners. I am considering Hagglers Corner as being a place to host it - See the Light room here: http://hagglerscorner.co.uk/venue-hire/ I am a reiki master in Sheffield (the link is below if you are interested) and am in the process of setting up a healing circle for reiki healers to get together and enjoy the company of sharing some success and chatter with other similar healers in the area -and I figured it would make sense to split the session and practice healing / promote healing for the public for the other half of the session! What do people think? If you are genuinely interested please like the health and healing page on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/healthandhealingsheffield) where I will paste any updates and information on this idea if you are interested. Alternatively, if you are not on facebook, leave your feedback on here and i'll update it when I've got the dates / locations. Warmest Wishes, Shauna DipH, HPD, DipNLP & HC. Reiki Master / teacher Reg. GHR, CNHC. p.s. any reiki healers / practitioners out there looking to come along and be a part of the healers network circle - please message me or get in touch using the link! Don't miss out on the experience!
  14. I think a cafe is a nice 'safe' place to take someone on a first date. it's laid back adn stylish and you can leisurely get to know each other without any pressure.
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