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  1. My brother lives on Firth Park Rd just down from the woods so not far from Page Hall. He’s been there all his life. A few days ago - in broad daylight - while he was at work, he was burgled and some power tools were taken. This afternoon - again while he was at work - all his back windows were smashed. I’m in North Wales so cant do anything but I am worried sick that something else may happen. Is anyone from that area that may have seen something or heard something? Or even that would be willing to just keep an eye out? I know it’s asking a lot but I’m at a loss. The police have been informed. Thank you.
  2. Hi - Oh did you live in the semis? I used to think they were 'posh' - I remember the Baines - Susan and her mum Milly - can't remember the dad's name I'm afraid. Yes, we lived next door to the Knights - to be honest I've only got good memories of growing up on that road - I mean it was a busy road then traffic wise, but we had the park and the 'boating lake' and the woods - used to love playing in the woods - I remember when it would be full of bluebells - and I know someone else has mentioned going down the Donkey Hill (never knew why it was called that) on big, opened out cardboard boxes - sometimes there'd be loads of you on the one piece and you'd go flying - used to play havoc with my hay fever - and the bit of a stream at the bottom - we'd make a den on the other side - it's true that kids can't/won't do these things today...... is the park still the same - I often go back to visit my mum but she's in Deepcar now so don't often get back to Firth Park. Can I ask your name? I'll mention you to Peter and Clive if you don't mind. Yes - it wasn't a bad area to grow up in - or maybe age dims the memory ..........:roll
  3. Hello Frankie - Bloomin eck you've got a good memory! Yes, my sis used to play a strange little instrument called a Celeste (I think) like a tiny piano - she's four maybe five years older than me - you describe her well - we're all tall. I used to love being in that orchestra - mainly happy memories from Hucklow - and then when i was shipped off to Earl marshal, where there was no music and open plan classes - uugghh !!! Horrible. Kay was more fortunate - went to High Storrs for a short while. So no - you're not dreaming - I'm struggling to remember many names from that era - it's little incidents I remember more - strange memories, and you wonder why they stayed with you for nearly forty years .........
  4. Er - yes - sorry - getting late - not sure what you mean by all the neighbours were out ................... am I missing something?
  5. I went to Hucklow in the 60's/early 70's. Oh Miss Twydale - Home Economics - dyed black curly hair, red lipstick, and big, bright green earings that were like mint imperials. I remember when we used to play rounders against the teachers in the summer and Miss Twydale had just 'batted' and she stopped between bases for a rest 'till we all yelled at her to keep running - strange memory to keep.....and Mr Bell, and Mr Trevithick (not spelled correctly sorry) - remember the orchestra that Mr Bradley was so proud of? I used to play the double bass....... and Mr Kennedy the Art teacher ........... remember going into the hall to watch the 1969 moon landing on the big tele ........... and the assemblies in the morning where Mr Bradley would play his classical music until we were all in and sitting .......... Mr Sysk, and Mr Simpson .................
  6. Oh my god!! This is like re-living my childhood. Only just found this forum -Born on Firth park Road in 1960 - but nearer to the Page Hall end so the shops there were our local shops. The corner chemist - before that, when I was very young - remember buying bread there. I remember Bill Beever's and Siddalls - occasionally used to get ham salad butties as a treat - had worms in the lettuce one day so didn't go in again. Was a Saturday girl at Underwoods newsagents for a while - when I was about 14 - worked with Veronica. Can't remember her last name. She lived on Idsworth Road, just opposite the club - used to babysit for her. Anyone remember her? I remember Buywise (shopping list always began "two tins of beans; two tins of peas ......................"), and Maxted's!! Used to get spuds - served by a small lady with dyed orange red hair and glasses - bit of a stoop..... and the launderette - when mum's washer packed in or she'd had enough used to go in there with my big sister Kay Coleman. Used to love Patnick's junk shop - bought books and all sorts there. Used to go to Hucklow Road - anyone else go there - from about '64 to '71? Mr Bradley was the headmaster - we had a brilliant orchestra. I used to play the double bass 'cos I was taller than everyone else. My older brother Peter still lives in the house we were born in - but yes, when i go back - nothing is the same. But then - I'm not either.... oh, and the boating lake - used to go 'swimming' in there when i was really young - oh the memories come flooding back - it was quite a nice place to live then - been in North Wales now longer than i lived in Sheffield but I'll always be a Yorkshire girl ..................
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