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  1. How much should it cost to buy a freehold for a bungalow lease which started in 1959 @ £12.50 per annum for a period of 800 years? ie 800 - 60 = 740 years remaining. I know it may not add value to the property but I and my neighbours would like to have full choice for planning applications etc. It appears to be financially not viable to collect the annual fee but we are concerned that there are possible implication re non payment. We are concerned that a stupid price might be quoted if we ask so a ball park figure is all for now (..... plus cost of theirs & our legal fees ?) Hopefully a mutual figure could be negotiated but if not does anybody have experience of Property leasehold valuation Tribunials?
  2. Council Tax ??.....Guess the subject will come up if cities ban diesel vehicles in inner city areas, they will need to ensure that there is a realistic infrastructure to move people around plus incentives to attract new jobs like Rolls Royce / Boeing / McLaren and Chinese investment seem to be no problem. Tourism creates jobs and money spent in the area by Tourist filters through to the local businesses/ economy. Surely strategic planning is ongoing for public transport in the future. Or am I dreaming out loud? Interesting how this topic is developing. Thanks to you all.
  3. I stand corrected .... must be that I've simply not noticed. Still think that if Sheffield and Coventry are in competition along with many other parts of this great country they must get an edge to make them come - travel costs is one such opportunity to attract tourist who are based in and about the city. Day tickets don't allow for spontaneous decisions and for families I suspect taxis are likely to be a financially and secure method of travel for the tourists in a new and vibrant city like Sheffield. Having said that I know some people who think we should keep Sheffield a secret... to keep it to ourselves ..... there is some merit in that as well. I came to Sheffield as a student and stayed ...along with many others and suspect 'the cats out the bag'!
  4. Thanks Andy C.... comprehensive or what ..... Being From Coventry I am often struck by the similarities between the two cities. Both industrial, with similar war histories etc. Coventry markets itself as being in 'Shakespeare Country' despite Stratford Upon Avon being 30 miles away in neighbouring Warwickshire. The bus fares for all children is 50% of adult fares i.e. no requirement for an identity card to prove entitlement. Sheffield does not go out to attract the tourist pound being as it is, in close proximity to motorways and national rail networks. Missed opportunity to get investment and prestige to a fantastic place.
  5. I've lived in Sheffield now 18 years and I've often wondered why Tourist have not used the city as a doorway to Yorkshire and the Peaks. I always considered the poor state of the roads as an immediate negative , bumps and poor maintenance etc. But discovered today that visitors with families have to pay full bus fares for children from 5years old! Wherever I've been in the world and UK I never found this .... ok I've not had to pay for children for some time , but even being of a certain age I've always been offered concessions for old gits. My 12 year old Granddaughter from Canada has to pay full fare in Sheffield. Am I naive? Is Sheffield alone in this? Genuine question (Trolls & grammar police keep away as I will give you a good ignoring....!)
  6. There is a proposed 'barrier for emergency access' from Brincliffe Hill, only , on the outline plans they've got permission for ...however.... i expect that to go 'out the window' come the application to build. There is no footpath and Brincliffe Hill via Baldwins car park , is used a lot as a 'rat run' currently to & from Chelsea Road. Suicide junction just about covers it as there is poor visibility from town direction down Psalter Lane.
  7. Hi everybody - happy new year ! ..... Anybody got recent experience of local carpet cleaning services ? I'm intending to redecorate so want to take opportunity to have an early 'Spring clean' - roughly how much for one room? Recommendations? Hope you can help??
  8. No Virgin available in my road Disillusioned with BT Phone line already transferred to Sky (yes I should not have assumed that having already had fibre it would be straightforward - I was offered an incredible Sky deal for phone, TV & unlimited regular broadband with an assumption I would be upgrade to fibre almost from day one) I'm stuffed or at least until 21st Oct when my street cabinet is apparrently going to become fibre enabled. Coincidence? Luck? Well I now need to be patient and wait & see what comes to pass Suspect Sky will be no better than any of the other players since all depend on BT Openreach for the equipment. Thanks to you 'Forummers' for your advice
  9. I tried Sky again still says not available, then checked BT , Talk Talk and Origin all are offering fibre.... guess its to do with street cabinets. Phoned Sky to double check still unable to clarify - the operator seemed to be genuinely surprised that Sky were lagging! Think I'm going to enquire with BT Openreach directly....at least there is no monopoly !
  10. BT Infinity is available but nowt else (other than regular broadband) it transpires ...you see thats why I'm surprised Sky Broadband is not available ...essentially all the infrastructure is there! I've had BT infinity for 12 months from this cabinet so I know that its there .... Could you please clarify who or what 'Origin' is? AlexAtkin ...thanks ---------- Post added 22-09-2015 at 18:43 ---------- 2nd "Still doesn't explain why you can't get Fibre with another provider??" Geared - you two comments show my frustration ... yes fibre is indeed badly wanted & no, it doesn't explain why - hence, that it is a my assumption BT Openreach and BT being one and same company hold a monopoly. Do you know of anywhere I can get answers to my enquiry?
  11. I don't live in Sharrow but I am connected to the Sharrow Exchange via street cabinet 42 - I've had a chat with Sky to no avail - BT have made nationwide announcement today about improving speeds but by 2020 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-34324046 I suspect the failure of 'The Digital Region project' in 2013 (cost £40M) now being brought back in the guise of 'Sheffield City Region Combined Authority' (cost = £22M?) is now a catch up situation. BT appears to hold all the cards i.e. the monopoly for now - And yes, you would think it amounts to a minor exchange/cabinet upgrade. The question is with Sky because you'd think they stood to gain a significant business opportunity if were that simple. Politics & money are the probable cause of the problem. BT Openreach should be a separate company maybe? ---------- Post added 22-09-2015 at 16:31 ---------- CORRECTION The Superfast South Yorkshire project is the latest strategy.... http://sheffieldcityregion.org.uk/syprojects/sybroadband/ "South Yorkshire Broadband In September 2014, South Yorkshire joined forces with BT in a multi-million pound deal to extend the availability of high-speed, fibre broadband to around 98 per cent of homes and businesses. The Superfast South Yorkshire project will make South Yorkshire an even more attractive place to live and do business, bringing new investment to the region and generating an economic return of more than £270 million. The project will cost £22 million, to be funded jointly by BT, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) and South Yorkshire partners. South Yorkshire partners are the four local authorities of Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster. A significant measure of the programme’s success will be driving awareness of the benefits offered by fibre broadband and adoption of this high-speed broadband technology."
  12. Is there anybody out there who could advise where I can find out when Sky will be offering Fibre broadband in the Sharrow exchange. BT Infinity has been available for 12 months plus but Sky don't currently offer it yet and can't / won't tell me. It must be on a plan somewhere Maybe BT has the monopoly & won't open up to other businesses (Openreach ?? thats a joke!)
  13. Saw and HEARD him (Patchwork guy) come over our house S11 then dropped down towards Baldwins - just managed to get photo - not sure if we should complain or be in awe - it bumped started my day but guess one day there will be something "not good" happen! Thats one balloon that wont bounce!
  14. Dozey I'd like to take the credit but when I contacted BBC I referred them to this thread so its a "well done "to us all ..... Power to the people!
  15. Whahaaaay!!!!! It's back let's hope it remains stable - I watch a lot on this channel and record more as well so am glad it's sorted
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