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  1. The thing to remember is that fuses in plugs and mcbs are there to protect the cable, not the appliance as such. The cooker with the plug on. will have a cable rated at 13 amps, protected by a 13 amp fuse in the plug. If you cut off the plug and hard wire it to a circuit/cable that is protected by an mcb or fuse rated at 15 or 30 amps then the cooker cable is no longer protected at 13 amps. If ,as suggested by someone above, you change the cooker wallplate to a standard 13 amp socket and plug the cooker into that then everything is protected correctly. I had this done at my flat last year.
  2. The Stagecoach app on Android or Apple phone. You can register your debit card or use Paypal.
  3. If an Audi drove over it at 40mph then he/she was driving without due care and attention and speeding because there are new 30mph limit signs well before the new mini roundabout. It's a mini roundabout which you will be able to 'drive over' once it is tarmaced and the surface is flush, just follow the roundabout rules.The works seem to be overrunning because the road closures for the tram rail replacement are taking preference. Works stopped when Donetsk Way was closed and this week Eckington Way is closed meaning Moss Way is extra busy and the roundabout works have stopped again. I've done Moss Way BSL several times this week and it is much freer flowing.
  4. It's 4 hours, but I don't believe there are cameras, just parking attendants walking around. They may scan number plates, but you'd be unlucky to get caught if only slightly over the 4 hours. Upstairs above Sainsbury's is the easiest place to find a space at busy times.
  5. From experience any laptop with a low end i3 processor will do the job you are asking. Anything with atom, celeron or pentium processors will likely be a compromise in comparison and not cost much less. An I5 or I7 processor is overkill unless you want to do video editing or play games. This years processor model to look for is Intel Core I3 5005u. You shouldn't need to pay more than £300. This should give you 4-8GB memory and 500GB-1TB disk. Note that Argos and Currys both cycle their prices up and down to make it look like they have sales on, so look for their reductions.
  6. Generally you will get a better rate if you pre-order on-line rather than just walk-in a store. Thomas Cook's reserve and collect has fairly good rates if you pre-order. A bonus with them is that there is no need to pre-pay, can reserve for collection the same day and there is no commitment until you collect. 1.1744 with them today.
  7. Not sure I fully understand the problem. Are you saying that if you navigate to the drive using Windows/File Explorer, you can access the folders, but if you use the shortcut links in the start menu or user folder then the links fail, or are you getting a 'you are not authorised to access this folder'. If the former then you can fix the shortcuts. Right click the shortcut, select properties and then the location tab. Either edit the location, or click the Move button. Navigate to the correct folder location and select it, and ignore the offer to copy. If you are getting not authorised, then it's beyond my knowledge. Cliff
  8. You can just try the upgrade and see if it works for you. If you don't like it, or something doesn't work properly, you can automatically revert to your current installation within 30 days.
  9. Mozalan had a good solution prior to the system restore, however if it fails to boot properly during Windows update it's kind of borked. Need to try the system restore again I think.
  10. I had the black screen with just a pointer issue when trying to upgrade to windows 10. The solution was to do the install without being connected to the internet, then when it was all up and running reconnect the internet and let it do the updates. You could try a similar approach. Do the system restore without an internet connection. Turn off your router if necessary. When it's done, turn the internet back on and then let it apply the updates.
  11. There is a thread on a Plusnet forum where somebody had the texts and the Plusnet response was that it was due to a 21CN upgrade on their exchange. My exchange had that upgrade some years ago. The fact that on my account my monthly usage stats have started afresh today, half way through the billing month, makes me think it is more likely something that Plusnet have done. Happy to take the free upgrade for now!
  12. Couldn't find anything on their forums. People have moaned recently where they have been persuaded into taking another fixed contract and been downgraded to 39/2, which is their current offering, unless you take Fibre Plus. Mystery. I shall watch my bills and speed closely.
  13. Well I could. I could also post in the Plusnet forums, but things are currently to my advantage, so I'm not complaining, just curious.
  14. Got two texts in quick succession this morning from Plusnet saying my Broadband order was complete. I've been on on their 38/19 package since August 14 so this is rather strange. Fearing they might have migrated me to their newer 38/2 package I have done a speedtest (not done one for ages) and it reports 69/16.5, which suggests that the Plusnet download cap on the 80/20 profile has been removed. My account shows that my billing period has been reset today, mid-period, so something is definitely going on. Anybody else had anything similar happen?
  15. I am now with Plusnet (38/19) on the Mosborough exchange and I don't suffer from any noticeable speed issues. Sounds like some BS from Origin, Talktalk specific issues or contention on your cabinet. But who can tell? Cliff. Owlthorpe.
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