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  1. It sounds like the felt has rotted near the gutter area, a common problem. If it is this, then you need to fit Felt Support Trays
  2. Is there a window above this damp patch?
  3. Insurers often classify a storm as violent winds accompanied by heavy rain. If its just a few tiles, i wouldn't bother with a claim.
  4. Expert roofers here, happy to give a free quote EPDM rubber roof system ( firestone )
  5. Agree: More often we find its the seller that’s puts the roof in order before they sale.
  6. There’s a product called "Speedy White" that’s good for cleaning soot stoves etc..
  7. Take a look at one of my blogs on how to choose the right roofer , hope that might help. http://www.roof-repairs-uk.co.uk/choose-the-right-roofer.html
  8. I have Seen some good review’s on here about jsmith2009 If you need a decent roofer let me know Thanks
  9. Try dan2802 on here, he specialises in GRP flat roof systems
  10. With regards to the chimney it could be: The flaunching/crown cement broken up Brick work could be porous Flashing's could be faulty Lead back could be worn Tiles around the stack could be broken Felt around the stack could be perished Tray broken Hope that helps
  11. It sounds like it’s the tray, the tray runs through the brickwork Bricklayers used to fit them but a competent roofer might be able to sort it.
  12. It sounds like your loft is sweating and you may need roof vents fitted. This problem usually occurs in cold weather and Snow blanketing the roof.
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