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  1. Sounds to me that they have got a weed grow on go in to your loft and you might smell strong weed or you might here buzzing noise coming from the lights have they black out any of the bedroom windows if so they are growing alot of weed
  2. David camaron, did the right today why should we give eu are money and powers were in this mess because of eu in the first place
  3. hi i have been with talk talk for 18 months and i have had nothing but problems with them when on my laptop it would just go off line and same with xbox live it just goes off i phoned them over and over and over again from tomorrow i get my internet with sky i cannot wait i will never use talk talk ever again oh just to let you know i phoned the up to end my contract early and they said that i had to pay them £180 to take block of the phone
  4. i would not worry about it at all most police vans when they have windows closed are checking your number plate to see if you are insured and have mot and tax like i said before the police have got to have the camera showing by law i see these all the time i travel all over britain and go through these all the time you will be fined for takein a **** next
  5. if the windows where closed 9 times out of 10 if will be a police number plate reading camera to cheack if the car has got insurance on it and mot the police by law have got to have the camera showing if it is a speed camera
  6. looking to rent a skip for the week anyone know and cheap skip hire
  7. does anyone know any good kid shows in sheffield apart from disney on ice
  8. where is there to go for a nice meal in sheffield
  9. i have had to buy a new track rod end wishbone and ball joint for the left front of my car because of a real deep pot hole i didnt see it till it was to late hit it about 40mph if the roads stay like this i will not pay my road tax
  10. pot holes are everywhere around shefield i dont know about everyone else but i am sick of them
  11. my little girl wants to go danceing any good places
  12. want to take my wife for a nice meal where can i go thats nice
  13. want to take my little girl out if there are any good shows like lazy town or spongebob
  14. is there anywhere good to go out drinking
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