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  1. I have a bit more information .. It seems there are connections with Shiregreen and the Norfolk Park ?
  2. I have been looking for any information on Margaret Baxter Born 1922 and lived at number 11 Dolphin Street Darnall , Barbarba, s married name was Dennison. Margaret had a sister called Barbara .. born 1925 and her married name was Speechley. My mother had fond memories of Margaret , and I think at one time she lived on Station Road Catcliffe , and her dad was the old Catcliffe Train Station Master . Any information would be appreciated , we would like to know just out of interest if they had a happy life and went on to have children ..thats all .
  3. i have been told that there is a health walk visit taking place this month to the old workkhouse at the sheffield northern general hospital. can anyone help me by telling me the date of the visit or where i could find information on this. i did not want to ring the northern general as they have more important issues to deal with
  4. Hi Fairyworld i was hoping that maybe i could help as my uncle used to play in a jazz band in sheffield , but it seems that it was well before your dad did the rounds. Hopefully some of the customers that used to go in the Brincliffe oaks and the Harley hotel will remember your dad .. good luck.
  5. Do you know what clubs / pubs he sang in ?
  6. hi my mother Ivy Austin (nee Hamshaw) is trying to find out any information about an old school friend Margaret Baxter , who used to live in station road catliffe. margaret lived in catcliffe around 1924 to 1941 and i assume she would have attended catcliffe school. margaret had a sister called barbara. margarets dad was called henry and he was the railway master at the old catcliffe station. the last contact my mother made was when margaret had moved to the darnal area around 1948 the remotest of leads or information would be much appreciated
  7. Handsworth ... borders the new Waverley development. The project is expected to contribute over £1billion to the local economy as it is built out over the next 20 years. Yes it is booming good news
  8. Heard yesterday that the bloke has been offered a job .. anyone else heard anything
  9. He has already tried that .. handing out his cv's for the last 12 x months
  10. Something has worked !! he has been featured on Radio Sheffield and someone has donated him £2000 to help him stay in his house until christmas.
  11. He can't sell his house because he has had to remortgage and all the equity has gone ..This is not about taking a knock to his pride. Can't you have some sympathy for someone who has been used to working then finds himself redundant. His wife only earns £110 perweek. He wants to work and for the last 12 x months he has walked miles everyday looking for work.
  12. heard that the fancy dress shop at the Manor Top have lots of cheap elvis costumes
  13. This nice chap has walked miles every day for the past 12 x months looking for work; he is genuinely worried about losing his house and worried about his future. His wife only has a part time job and they have very little income. I think it is disgusting that some people can only criticise and show no concern for the chap. Looks to me like the Sheffield / Yorkshire spirit no longer exists!! I have wished the chap well, and hope he finds a job soon.
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