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  1. Theres only one westie found......age unknown not a puppy tho
  2. Not micro chipped. Rang dog warden and police neither of them can do anything
  3. she did indeed say 6ft x 3 ft but said packs! which i assumed meant there was more than 1 for the price
  4. HI IVE LOOKED and can only find them at 22.99 each panel x
  5. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/332384/UFO-hotspots-revealed-as-government-files-claim-aliens-may-visit-earth- ARE THEY REALLY COMMING TO GET US?????
  6. hi happyhounds.......our pet carer (pet-walkiz) recommended you today to someone wanting weekend pet care ..
  7. There used to be a land fill site/tip, on linley lane at frecheville..Did you mean that one? .Thats been closed a good few years and theyre still burning the gas off from it now...
  8. Thanks sh1964, i rang the number you gave.. my pc wouldnt power up and he fixed it !
  9. My patterdale x border was given diazapam when he was a year old (hes 9 now) he couldnt be left, or taken in a car or anywhere...he used to pant, froth at the mouth, yelp, jump up and down contantly.and was breathless.....he was a nightmare.... eventually i weened him off diazapam and bought a D.A.P diffuser (plug in pheromone emitter) which has cured him in the house......he still cant travel as he reverts back, but at least hes happy at home..
  10. LOOKING FOR COMPUTER REPAIRER .. IM IN S12 need desk top repairing.
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