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  1. Corbyn, did you press the tofu first? If you put it in a dish lined with kitchen roll (or a clean cloth I suppose) and then put more kitchen roll on top, and then something heavy ontop of that for a few hours to squeeze out the water it isn't so watery and it soaks up the marinade much better. I cut mine up before I do this to make the process quicker. You could also try to find some firmer tofu, I don't know what the cauldren one is but they come in firm, extra firm, etc. I'm not normally keen on tofu I cook myself - I figure I'm just not good enough because in some resturaunts it's delicious. I DO love this recipe though: http://appetiteforchina.com/recipes/kung-pao-tofu it's fantastic. You can adjust the soy sauce, salt and stock to your tastes. ETA: Another idea might be to deep fry it to make it crispy, which can be delicious but of course not as healthy!
  2. Hello, thank you for the offer that sounds great, I may well contact you nearer when I'm finished my exams if that's okay with you, it's very kind of you to offer to help
  3. Thanks everyone for all your help! I have been googling for ages and found none of these places - I did see the Sheffield Dog Rescue and I'd love to dog walk for them but it's a good eight miles away. (I haven't ruled it out completly though as google maps isn't always up to date so there might be a quicker bus route or something). The cats shelter sounds the perfect distance, and just seeing the cute cats let alone playing with them would be enough to make it worth it I'll also look into the kennels for the council and possibly the rspca although their website says they're not looking for volenteers right now. thanks again everyone, I'll bookmark all the websites and contact them a little nearer the time, I just wanted to get ahead and know what sort of things might be available so had some sort of plan for the summer, and I didn't waste a couple of weeks doing this stuff then! (I'm super organised!)
  4. I second vegetarian pizza, if you're grandson is quite young and you wanna make it from scratch you can get him to choose his own toppings and help out. Bean burgers are great, sainsburys do spicey bean burgers that are really nice - fry some onions to go on top and some sauce (and gerkins if you're so inclinced ) and sooo delicious and very children-friendly! Bean chilli or vegetable (or quorn/tofu/meat substitute) curry if your grandson doesn't mind spicey/hot food are delicious for everyone! If you want it to be easy you can use the same jarred sauces you'd usually use and just put in vegetables or whatever. Pasta with lots of roast vegetables, or roast vegetable lasagne are also delicious and easy! You should like a very caring granddad to be putting so much thought into finding something vegetarian for him
  5. I've only used silicone cake-cases but they're great, you still have to put them in a tin (ie: they're replacing the paper cases not the tin) but they're so easy to clean and of course re-useable which is great. I also have silicone oven gloves which are also good.
  6. Hello, I hope this is the right place to asked - I figured this is where the animal lovers would be! Even if the question isn't strictly about pets. I'd love to do some volunteering with animals of some description over the summer (I am a student), I've been looking online at websites/etc but I don't drive (or have a car!) and everywhere I have found is too far away to get to reasonable by public transport. I'm living in the S10 area and am willing to go anywhere I can walk to or use public transport to get to, as long as it doesn't take a matter of hours! So I was wondering if anyone here knew anywhere that would welcome volenteers that I could get to easily? I'm very willing to learn and help Thank you all very much best wishes x
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