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  1. Many of the tunnels are tram power line cables
  2. I worked in the stores of walter wraggs from 1958 till they moved to west bar russ waren was the manager and cooper raced a gold star and a tiger cub in a james frame your dad had a borgward Isabella then a jaguar
  3. wasnt it margrat thatcher that described mandella as a terrorist of the worst kind
  4. born and bred on wybourn house road lived there till i married in 1972 then divorced and moved as far away as possible still there but am over for reunions if possible
  5. my mate worked at brook shaws he was electrician dave gilman
  6. yes les green worked on abduls shift remember your dad very well
  7. I lived at 23 Cromwell street next to George Willey that was 1963
  8. Does anyone remember Leslie green from wybourn he lived next to the Simms family at the top of Nunnery Terrace he had a motorcycle then a bubble car.
  9. you can get in touch with Eric Ogdon on facebook he is my cousin and has a website wih the family history cant remember the site name but it is something like bigfamily.com ---------- Post added 14-12-2013 at 11:14 ---------- You will find details on bigfamily.org.uk-theMacConaghyfamily.org.uk on the family you will see Ogden that's the connection Dore garage Eric is my cousin
  10. My name is les green I was on abduls shift
  11. I remember him he had a triumph2000 think they called him charlie
  12. I worked in garage with Abdul Mr hand good was the garage manager frank wright was on our shift mick worked as joiner/welder I remember when they changed their name to fleet care and the auction in the yard of rail parcel vans. Then the police driving school
  13. My mate worked there in the sixties Dave Hillman he was the electrician had a black ford pop dg143
  14. remember it well it was on the car park at supprise view in the 60s the van was last seen behind the garage at the bottom of Corperation street sheffield in a delapidated state
  15. I remember him he used to have a borgward Isabella then had a jaguar
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