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  1. Hello, Does anyone know of anywhere that does Sports Car Driving Experience Gifts that are within 1 hour of Sheffield? The only ones I can find are at Elvington / Dalton on Tees and Silverstone all of which are at least 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours away. I really need one alot closer if I can find one. Any help greatly appreciated! : ) Laura
  2. Same here! I followed the Steelers for about 10 years too all throughout my teens with my mum and dad .......but lost interest once going to university. Have such great memories of the Steelers days!! Will be great to see the players on Saturday - such a shame Ken can't make it though. He was a legend!!! Ring Announcer - Dave Simms??! - bet he will be there!!!
  3. I'm on Vodafone too - no one can ring my phone and messages are coming through 24 hours after sent. Just tried to ring Vodafone but their offices are closed so thought I would check on here.....Thank god I read this post!!! - I've now turned my 3G off and my phones working again. Woo! Thankyou very much x
  4. I thought the speed limit on the A57 was 50 mph? - There is a sign stating this. Its doesn't bother me so much coming home from work but in a morning traveling from Coisley Roundabout to the parkway is a nightmare. I really wish they would put a sign up just telling cars to use both lanes. It would make many people alot happier when walking into work every morning
  5. I'm supposed to be driving to see 30 Seconds to Mars this Saturday at Manchester GMEX but looking at my car there is no way I can drive - even if I dig it out of the snow, my estate is a nightmare and not fit to drive on.....also I am not too keen on trying to drive over the Snake Pass or Woodhead Road in this weather. Anyone got any ideas on how else I could get there? I could get the train up there but the last train back home from Manchester leaves at 10.20pm which would mean missing half the gig. I considered staying overnight in Manchester but the prices are horrendous as very last minute. This snow is such a nightmare!!! All my social plans are being ruined Any ideas on what I could do would be greatly appreciated
  6. Yeah I was due to go to see Lee Mack too but couldn't get. Very frustrating! My mate who lives in the town centre went and said the City Hall was only half full...
  7. My dad works at Hallam Uni and says it is 'officially closed' !!!
  8. I think the ethic should be that if you want to leave work early in these situations then bosses should let you take holiday, use flexi if appropriate or just don't expect to get paid. Surely no boss can actually force you to stay at work?!!!??? x
  9. I've had the opposite problem today driving home - as I was driving through the city centre towards the Parkway I was amazed with the amount of people just walking all over the roads and taking no notice of traffic lights etc (Arundal Gate in particular)....I didn't realise everywhere became pedestrianised when it snows! x
  10. Whats the Tuesday club? What kind of music is it?
  11. Hiya! My friends and I are hitting town tomorrow night for our annual Christmas meal. We were hoping to hit a club after for a good boogie (as tradition). We normally go to the Leadmill but after looking on their website we have realised they aren't open tomorrow night!!! Gutted!!! So can anyone suggest any alternative places that are open? L xx
  12. Thanks for all the above. I'm gonna look at them now. My mate suggested going to Azzurri. Does anyone know what its like?
  13. We haven't got any preferences to be honest. Theres about 6 of us though so maybe somewhere with a bit of everything e.g pasta, pizza etc.
  14. My friends and I are planning to hit Ecclesall Road on Saturday night for a meal. However we don’t venture up there much and therefore have no idea where to go. Where are the best places? Any ideas would be great !
  15. Haha same here but it was the "Arctic Monkeys at the Plug" part that got me excited...and then confused....then looked at the date of the post! lol. x
  16. I'm on the circle row A too!! ....I'm soooo looking forward to this gig!!! x
  17. I remember seeing the Arctics at the Plug. Bloody fantastic! xx
  18. I managed to get tickets! Really struggled though - phones constantly engaged and see tickets crashing ( as it always does) Got some off the city hall website ...I've done this before and got tickets really easily....I think people forget its there?!!......
  19. I think there is definitely a 1950s James Bond essence throughout the whole album. I especially love the song "My mistakes were made for you". Hope its a future single. I heard a while ago that they are gonna be touring the UK this Winter...does anyone have any more info? ...I know they are doing Leeds / Reading Festival but would love to see them at a more intimate venue. x
  20. I really like John Mayer too. I first heard of him a few years ago when I went to Australia on holiday - He seems to be really big over there too. They were plugging him album "Room for Squares" like mad on the TV so I bought it - and its a great album. I bought his second album in the UK which is really good too. I remember him releasing "Bigger than my body" over here and it got to about Number 14. Then he disappeared again.... Really don't understand why the UK haven't cottoned on to a great artist. x
  21. Ahh thanks for that link - I know where Brbs is and I knew that used to be called the Hallamshire...I was getting confused though as I thought BrBs was still there. Cheers!
  22. Woo! I've got tickets for this gig...can't wait!! xx
  23. Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me where the Hallamshire pub is in Sheffield ?? Thank you !
  24. I go to loads of gigs around Sheff and my fave local bands would have to be : Alveraz Kings The Dodgems The Headliners Avangaad All really good bands. I know Dodgems have already been signed. I reckon the other 3 should be too! x
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