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  1. Nearly got run over by a driver who failed to indicate. Silly me presumed she was going straight on and was not going to turn left. Indicators are for pedestrians too.
  2. Thank God, I know of people who required psychiatric treatment after merely seeing only glimpses of it. That film should be certificate 120 precluding all but one human being who has ever lived. Some clinic's in Europe use the film in assisted suicide.
  3. Went in yesterday, so much better than the old place and got a really good deal on some dried mushrooms. The fish balls looked good too.
  4. I've got you beat, I handmake flint arrowheads.
  5. Talking loudly is an obligatory course at Uni, with particular emphasis of doing so in public. Apparently it's something to do with being 'intellectual.'
  6. I have no religion. No one has ever bothered me about not celebrating Eid, Diwali or Hanukkah. Mention you don't celebrate Christmas and you get funny looks and name calling.
  7. The man who would be king 1975. Superb film directed by John Houston and starring Michael Caine and Sean Connery as two rascally former soldiers in Victorian India who travel to an obscure part of Afghanistan to loot the country.
  8. Fair point, my colour prejudice however prevents me from fancying blondes so I never got Diana, but she was a genuinely nice lady.
  9. I will never understand why John Profumo cheated on the gorgeous and elegant Valerie Hobson.
  10. I watched The Force Awakens again as I'm familiarising myself for watching episode VIII on the 14th. I didn't rate the film when I saw it at the cinema (last time I went to the cinema as well, don't like them) but every time I've watched it again it has grown on me. It's up to 7 out of 10.
  11. Killers of the king: The men who dared to execute Charles I by Charles Spencer. As it says on the tin and Charles II's wave of retribution against those responsible.
  12. I live in Deepcar and the one thing I've noticed most compared to my old place is that is that people say hello to one another.
  13. m is the mass of the rocket (including propellant), at stage (1) me is the total mass of the rocket exhaust (that has already exited the rocket), at stage (1) v is the velocity of the rocket, at stage (1) Je is the linear momentum of the rocket exhaust (that has already exited the rocket), at stage (1). This remains constant between (1) and (2) dme is the mass of rocket propellant that has exited the rocket (in the form of exhaust), between (1) and (2) dv is the change in velocity of the rocket, between (1) and (2) ve is the velocity of the exhaust exiting the rocket, at stage (2) Note that all velocities are measured with respect to ground (an inertial reference frame). Oh hang on, this is rocket science. Sorry.
  14. I know there are liberals who won't like this but isn't it about time we had an official identity card. It would solve so many problems, particularly for people like me who don't have a driving licence or passport. Why should I shell out on things I neither want or need to prove my identity?
  15. Ah I see. There are no bins because of a revamp according to an answer to some questions on social media. This is pulitzer prize winning Investigative journalism at its best. Until I get my octuple core 89tb 98thz optocomputer, I won't be able to open a sheffield star webpage in under an hour!
  16. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/this-is-why-meadowhall-have-got-rid-of-all-of-their-bins-from-its-shopping-centre-1-8829107 Errm it says this is why and then promptly doesn't tell you why. Muppets!
  17. I do hope you find somewhere, at this late date you will be lucky. I've see places advertising in may (yes may!) for bookings.
  18. How many politicians does it take to change a lightbulb? None, what's wrong with living in the dark.
  19. In keeping with the monty python theme - BLASPHEMER!!!!
  20. Lock em up in a small room with a constant stream of timmy mallet and jedward records being played. Do it until they start screaming then turn up the volume and wait for about another week before letting them out. That'll teach em the meaning of antisocial noise.
  21. That high pitched bint on will and grace. Only ever caught part of one episode waiting for the next, that was too much of enough.
  22. St George and Santa. Mmmm... Very topical, it must be October.
  23. Always called them Crapita in all my dealings with them.
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