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  1. Not sure if in the right place...anyway, im after a company (recommended) to provide a new contemporary oak veneer including fitting etc front our front door in Chapeltown. Cheers
  2. Down the side of my house is a lovely 3m x 1m bed which about a foot high off the ground and has sat empty since we moved in couple of years ago. Ive never really been interested in sorting it out buy now that spring is here ive wanted to get it looking nice. The only thing is the bed is very hard and bits of browny clay matter with rocks and pebbles throughout. Having churned over the top 3-5 inch or so and raked it im not sure of the following from here on in 1 what plants best suit the conditions 2 how to plant given the conditions of the soil 3 maintaining / preparing the bed for planting The area gets sun for around 4 hours a day and then becomes shaded. Thanks Andy
  3. Hardly gonna be secrets are they if they are roads in the city centre
  4. My wife is set to move to the hallamshire and we are wanting to use their nursery which is next to the hospital. In terms of her dropping the child off the only issue is parking after for the day. She can apply for a permit but its on a first come first serve basis so theres no guarantee even though you pay a substantial fee. Only option would be to park close by for free. I know broomhill is majority permit holders but is there anywhere at all thats free these days? I know the road alongside the sheffield uni law school is free but thats no guarantee at the best of times. Any road names and advice much appreciated. Thanks
  5. im looking at putting in a pond spring next year when the winter has passed and looking at places that sell a mixture of small and medium sized rocks & boulders relatively cheap. anybody know a quarry or local place to possibly get a quote for. its gonna be roughly 2-4 tons Cheers
  6. players wanted Wednesday evenings at concord for a kick around, standard is good and we take it seriously. £3 a man. PM if interested
  7. anybody interested? we only getting 7 or 8 players a week at the minute, need regular players for 6:15pm ko
  8. we are looking for one or two weekly players a kick around / fitness at concorde sports centre wendesday evenings at 6:15pm. standard isn't bad, we dont take it seriously but with people and work commitments we seem to struggle some weeks to get full 10 and end up with 8. We send out a weekly email asking for players so if you want to be included send me a PM or reply on here.
  9. thanks biggsy. yes the forum is very much comign to life now! we still need plenty of people to spread the word and get joining!
  10. yes the site is still live, allbeit a little quiet
  11. Hi I want to pop a free availability simple calendar on a website either in html or similar. ive scoured the net but cant find anything worth while to use or that I have to pay for anyone got any ideas?
  12. you may as well just take grenades if your using maggots to lure the fish in. try using artificial flies as there is more art to it!! fly fishing is the hardest method on a river. as for myself i do fish on the don round hillsborough, middlewood and even in town where grayling numbers are fairly low but still plenty around
  13. hi yes ive only just realised this and have no changed it!
  14. hi guys, i have set up a fly fishing forum specifically for the sheffield area. If anybody would like to join, its free and we want to build this up to be a great place for people to share their experience, locations, photographs etc! site is sheffieldflyfishing.boards.net ta
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