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  1. I used to coordinate the D area with Daz before I quit earlier this year after being bullied by the branch manager of direct health! I would not recommend working for this company at all. It went against all of my morals telling carers to short call all the time because they had too much work to do and no travelling time to get to places. I'm much happier now doing the same job at a different care company, where my carers are treated better.
  2. Sale Amount £20 Reason for Rehome / Sale Sale fell through Time Scale – How Urgent? ASAP Has the Cat ever been in Rescue No Location S2 Age & Sex 5month Male Vaccinated & Wormed Wormed Neutered & Micro chipped No Breed/ Mix Ginger & white Colour/markings Ginger & White Long/Shorthaired Short Live in / Or in and out Both Used to a cat flap Yes Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals Yes other cats Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No Temperament Good OK with Dogs / Cats Ok with other cats Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching Yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching Yes Good or Bad with Children ok Dislike of Men or Women no Housetrained yes I kept this kitten for a friend after having a litter of 4, he was due to go to his new home when they moved to sheffield, but its all fallen through and now he is still in need of a forever home. I would keep him myself but i already have 3 female cats.
  3. I'm getting that friday feeling once again, come on down for another fantastic night of Karaoke @ The Albion!! :hihi:
  4. DJ Dan is here again for another fantastic night!! :hihi:
  5. Where abouts are you thinking on London Road?? Theres far too many eating places down here already!! They regularly keep people awake till silly o'clock in the morning with music blasting out!!! But within 10seconds of walking out my pub door there is a subway, greggs, like 5 chicken shops, chippy, 3 chineses, caribbean, curry shops...etc etc...
  6. Its apparently going to be called "Bar 27"?? a new weatherspoons i've heard???
  7. Hey does anyone have any info on this bar / club that is supposed to be opening just off London Road near that new Aldi and Sainsburys??
  8. Its nearly that time again, friday night is once again Karaoke @ The Albion, London Road.... :hihi:
  9. Its nearly that time again... KARAOKE FRIDAY @ THE ALBION, London Road :hihi:
  10. You can have my pub for the evening, i could arange some sort of buffet or something...
  11. It's nearly that time once again!! Karaoke on friday from 8pm... Chaz & Dawn are back, thank god!!!
  12. Hey Good Luck! I'm landlady of The Albion, London Road, i used to go into The Royal Standard when i was a student, really nice atmosphere! If i knew previous people were going i would have had that pub!! GUTTED!
  13. I meant the landlord should save his money, Dadi Radi is absolutely CRAP! I had him at The Albion, just down the road, he drove everyone away! Also one week i only paid him £20 coz he wanted some money so bad, i gave it him early.
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