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  1. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code/using-the-road-159-to-203 They do have the right, and it's called filtering, not jumping to the front of the queue.
  2. Helicopter there about half an hour, just left.
  3. Another passive aggressive post where the writer didn't have the balls to stop and say it tho their face.
  4. I use Bike Rehab next to Devonshire Green. They are reasonably priced and give good service.
  5. When I was growing up, being bored wasn't an excuse for breaking the law and being anti social. As youths we were expected not to annoy adults. It's all very well saying create a society etc but I brought my child up to be a polite, well mannered and working adult. Yet here I am having to suffer at night because of other people's children that are not polite and well mannered.
  6. It looks like I'm not the only one having the same problem. The other night it was 2.45 am for ages. Had to put the ear plugs in. I just can't believe we have youths ruining our standard of living. I guess I will try phoning the police and complaining to the council.
  7. Last year every evening and weekend was plagued by these on the park behind our house. The noise was constant and we were unable to leave our doors and windows open because of them. I tried reporting them to the police on the online system but was told nothing would be done. Surely something can be done about this? Has anyone had any success in getting rid of this nuisance?
  8. This company repeatedly blocks our entrance. I have called them and asked them to stop doing it only to be hung up on. They are visiting a firm opposite us and regularly park in our access road. I have previously used them but will never use them again.
  9. Half of the problem is that the people who are going slow consider themselves the safe drivers, when half of the time they are the problem. Oblivious to anyone else, failing to make progress, failing to recognise the size of their vehicle and generally taking the moral high ground. Slow is not always right.
  10. It's descriptive but sadly is only used when the person sought is white. Not sure why you needed to say 'what the hell' when Ash was perfectly reasonable in his post. Looks like you're waiting to cry racism.
  11. I live on Parson Cross. I am in a well paid job and hold a professionally qualified and responsible position. I don't find the above description of the area to be true anymore. Yes, there are some that match that description but alot of the houses are now privately owned and the area has areas of newly built housing. There are some rougher areas, but there are all over the city, even in the so called nice areas. I live here because when I bought the house I was paid less. I find now that I have plenty of spare money to go and do things as my mortgage and living costs are relatively low. I have never really had any trouble here. I once had a wing mirror stolen; probably 15 years ago now. Don't tar everyone with the same brush and don't make assumptions you can't back up with facts.
  12. The quality of driving is generally shoddy. The crux of it is that a huge percentage of the population drive merely because they have to. If it were a hobby they'd have given up after a few months because they weren't very good at it. Yet they persist because that's how we get places. They then spend the rest of their driving lives: Driving at 10mph below the speed limit and refusing to pull out in adequate gaps. Stopping at roundabouts when nothing is coming, waiting, waiting, waiting then lurching out just as something is coming and people behind them can't get out. Gripping the steering wheel for grim death, staring only at a fixed point 3 inches above the steering wheel, whilst being unaware of the presence of anyone else Side swiping cyclists Hogging the middle lane of the motorway Not moving over into empty lanes to make way for people moving out from the left Not acknowledging people who have waited to let them through Travelling in the wrong lane and only attempting to get across 4 yards from the junction Speeding up when someone tries to overtake them then gesturing wildly at them - Because it's always the people going faster that are dangerous right? Much to the annoyance of those of us who can actually make progress.
  13. I agree. I live in an ex council house 2 up 2 down and I pay £110 a month. It's disgusting.
  14. We heard it when we got back from the airport at 1.45, in S5.
  15. It was very slow and the pace and route controlled by the police outriders. Apparently it comes under the rules of a parade and you do not have to wear a helmet.
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