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  1. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/vCldMWbhcJkCk5kc70TVjUYBf94siAWARkD9BC4Tt4o?feat=directlink This is the Grimesthorpe Weslyans and from th age of my Dad, the wicketkeeper, it would be early 1930's. They played on Cook's farm field at the top of Wincobank lane
  2. https://picasaweb.google.com/beckett46/Desktop?authkey=Gv1sRgCMWEn9-vh_a5cA#5697261541134668370 This is my Dad, Bill (William Henry) Beckett in his Owler Lane School uniform. I believe the medal is from Clegg cup from about 1919/20.
  3. I've been tracing the family tree of my mom who was a Rhodes and lived on Birdwell Road. Her sister, Mary, lived there all her life. At one time, Rhodes was common name. Are there any still around?
  4. I have a photo of my Dad,(William Henry (Willy) Beckett) about 1920, wearing his football kit and a medal which I believe he won on Wednesday's ground, playing for Owler Lane. I'll post it when I learn how. I can also post a photo of Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Cricket Club when they played on Cook's farm at the top of Wincobank Lane. I was the scorer for a few years.
  5. St Thomas' owes me some money. In February 1918, my grandad bought a burial plot there, owned in perpetuity, for two pounds. Where do I get a refund? In the late 40's, we used to to the dances at the church hall across the road. That's where my Mom taught me to dance.
  6. good tradesmen are hard to come by! He will be alright .
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