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  1. Where can I see the photo - I was there from 1945 to 1953 then Sheffield City Grammar school!
  2. Anyone know what happened on Broughton/Shepcote Lane this evening. Road closed for at least 2 hrs and up to 5 police cars in attendance???
  3. Yes I recognise most of names now,remember it was over 60yrs ago!!! Will have a look on FR - not been on for ages.
  4. I was at the school frm nursery in 1945ish to 1953 then to grammer school. I remember fatty Moore!! Was Priestley the b*****d who gave us the slipper about a size 13? I remember Robert Hood,Eric Darley,Kay Clarke(dad had barbers on Holme Lane),Rita Durham,a girl surname Pearson,Jean Keighley,Robert Inman others will come to mind later I suppose. Mr Seymour the swimming teacher at Hillsborough Baths!! Happy days when you look back - its all gone now except on here!
  5. Can I suggest that when we go past it we all sound our horn - the owner might get the message then!!! The neighbours certainly will!!!
  6. Who else has heard the 'random' loud bangs in the High Green area over the last 2 weeks??? Anyone any ideas of what they are or where they are coming from? We live near where the old Salutation pub was.
  7. Thank you for reply - is there a conductor on the train that I can pay.I heard that you cant buy a half fare ticket on the platform at Chapeltown??
  8. Sorry to hijack this posting but I am new to this! I am going to catch a train from Chapeltown to Sheff Midland tomorrow and would like to use my 'bus pass.Can I pay on the train?I believe its half the normal fare with the pass.
  9. Lomas Hall Fridays - what memories!!Used to go to the 'top house' first,landlord wouldnt serve us pints so we ordered 2 halves each,he didnt seem to catch on!! Coming back down Stannington Road after with a girl on your arm,sometimes two! Arrodbo will remember!! Memo Tuesdays was the midweek bash in more than one way - never scrapped as much anywhere!!Lost a brand new Crombie overcoat one night running from the 'bobbies' - I was climbing a wall and the 'bobby' caught me by the coat and I had to shed it to get away!! Best was that I went to Hammerton Road police station next day and asked at lost property if they had a Crombie coat.the sergeant rooted at the back for ages then appeared with my coat and the lunatic gave it back to me!!! Mum,who bought me the coat,probably with her last tenner,never knew. God bless her. Must write the stories down before the dementia kicks in! ps Hows it going Arrodbo?
  10. DK modelling is nothing to do with me other than my 3 grandchildren are with them - I am usually the one who takes them for auditions or shoots as my wife and I are retired.They will explain to the OP that it is down to the client as to who gets chosen and yes luck does come into it!! ps at the last shoot my youngest grandaughter got£120 per day PLUS expenses for three days.
  11. My 3 grandchildren are with them and each has had work!The photos are needed for their casting sheet(as you will see on their website)They are a reputable company and very easy to deal with but they cannot guarantee work - thats down to the 'advertisers'choosing from the casting photos - even then they may only be called for an audition - sometimes at short notice (retired grandparents come in handy!!!!)Go and see them and they will explain everything fully - they make their money from successful plaqcements.
  12. Hi RT- sure was but I think it closed last year - hows things - saw Tony and Sue on tele - I am sure you did - Tony looked frightening!!!
  13. Hi Nobbyclarke - you must have been there when Arrodbo and I was - started in 1959 in the order office - stayed 41 years!! - bet we could exchange some stories and names!!
  14. Thanks to those offering sensible replies!!!!!!! - sorted now at Hillsborough
  15. I mean a whole deboned turkey - similar to the ones you can get for Duck,chicken and pheasant etc.(sometimes with legs left on sticking out the back)
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