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  1. Looking for my mate Tim ex Wickersley area
  2. I was trician at Kikbys 1971/75...then went self employed but still working for them for some years ,I remember Tony,Sneck, Arnie, Gordon my mate Derry sadly not here anymore
  3. Yes,,my mortgage was only £16.00 per month, but you could only pay per month what you earned in a week, I only earned £15.10s but a friendly insurance guy wangled it for me
  4. Yes that's true but they definitely used to come a couple of times a year,,mum used to say how nice a family they were,,when most people were a bit wary of fairground folk
  5. Used to save my pocket money and buy a dinky every month, had a catalog and every toy in it, still in boxes when I got married and left home,,,,unfortunately my mum gave them to my brothers kids,,,,,ouch, when I see how much they would be worth now
  6. As a kid I lived in the cottages on high st Ecclesfield next to the ball inn, norths fair used to come to the field adjacent the pub, my mum used to clean caravan for the Norths
  7. Me too apprentice auto trician at Kennings. £3/5s a week, Whilst on the subject of money,,,people moan about mortgage payments,when I bought my first house, in around 1970 interest was 15%
  8. Naw, it's got to be on toast done over coal fire
  9. Handbrake,,,,,,,,,,,coward,,,,,what's wrong with the heel of your shoe lol
  10. I was at Sheffield motor co opposite the sheds, I never heard of anything I've that
  11. Seem to remember Reg having a couple of smaller coaches too,,I used to do his auto electrics
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