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  1. Given a lot of the regeneration on The Moor would now be a good time to demolish the hideous and ugly Debenhams building and replace it with something much nicer?
  2. Surely spending that money on attracting new tenants to these empty units would be better.
  3. Such a depressing thought but probably an accurate one.
  4. Do you think Sheffield city centre will bounce back from its current state? With new developments taking shape amidst a backdrop of many empty stores, what do you think lies ahead for its future?
  5. A friend and I came to Sheffield last night to see Kevin Bridges. At 18:30 we saw one person laid on the road near Fitzalan Square, and outside HMV a bloke bent over looking like a zombie. I think both were on Spice. I have never seen this in Leeds or anywhere else. Can anyone tell me Sheffield particular has a problem with Spice?
  6. Ah thanks for that. Do you find it friendlier than up here?
  7. :hihi::hihi: I'll fake a Sheffield accent then and you'll think I'm a local.
  8. I want to join a gym down there as, well, I need to lose a few pounds.
  9. Hi folks. I am thinking of upping sticks and moving 25 miles south to Sheffield. Wakefield hasn't been a happy place for me, or successful in terms of jobs. I have a chance of a job in Sheffield, although not a terribly well paid one. However, progression may be available, and I can always look for a better role once I'm there. The thing is I don't know anyone there apart from person, so is it easy to make friends there? It may beg the question why I want to live there, but I have a son in Leicester so it's only just over an hour by train. Also, I have also lived in Nottingham and have friends there, so closer still. Also, my friends in West Yorkshire won't be too far either. As for the city, I like Sheffield and it's one the edge of the Peaks. I'm not overly keen on parts of the city centre, but it's being done up so good things seem on the way. Also, I have to be honest, I find Sheffield people just normal and nice without anything to prove, unlike Leeds and Manchester (sorry if you hail from either). So, for an outgoing, friendly, 43 year old male, is Sheffield a good choice?
  10. Does anybody work at, or know anyone who works for this company in Attercliffe? If so, what's it like and is it easy to progress?
  11. Do you travel a long way to work, or do work with someone who does? I know a girl in Birley who works in Nottingham city centre.
  12. Why do we always have to have one who types "rubbish" like this? You must feel proud!
  13. OK, interesting. Do you class as the area north of that as Northern England, or do you recognise the Midlands? Travelling down the M1 you enter the South East, which starts officially just north of Milton Keynes when you pass that sign that says "Buckinghamshire".
  14. In your opinion, where does the South of England start? To me, it's the area south of (and including) Tewkesbury, Banbury, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Saffron Walden, and Ipswich. Please let's not have any "south of Meadowhead roundabout" comments.
  15. I don't know Rotherham that well, but am I right in assuming Eastwood has a Roma community?
  16. I went to the doctors a couple of months ago, which is opposite Wakefield Jobcentre. The street is a tip generally and although it's in the city centre, the street cleaning regime doesn't see it as so. When I came out I saw the Google Maps car pass me and the street was in its usual state. Also, a look at the same road from when they photographed it last year shows a fair amount of litter. My point is that I presume Google Maps don't inform local councils of their photo schedules first, in case the council want to come out and clean it first. Seems odd then in that case that Page Hall looks clean on Google Maps, when we all know it's far from it.
  17. How often do you see street cleaners/litter pickers in your area? Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of your neighbourhood, and what kind of area do you live in (affluent/average/poor)?
  18. Looking at Google Maps, Page Hall looks quite clean. Where I live does too, and I tend to find most places that are normally a tip look clean on there. I wonder why?
  19. I live in Wakefield and let me know that the dirtiest parts of this city are where the immigrants live. I should know I live on the edge of Agbrigg, and it's mainly the Roma/Slovak gypsies that make the mess. On one very short road of 20 terraced houses, most are occupied by them and the litter is shocking. I've also seen Page Hall/Burngreave which does seem worse than here, but there must be a link. Interestingly, in Nottingham they have a community of them and their areas are clean, but to be honest, I find cleanliness improves greatly south of Lowedges. I know local people drop litter too, but there does seem to a regional divide here. Tidy Britain Group on one of their publications show the league table for litter. The bottom three regions? In this order (from the worst); North West, Yorkshire, North East. Maybe littering is a Northern thing as well as an immigrant thing. Are your buses in Sheffield strewn with peoples rubbish? They are here. They're not in Chesterfield, Derby and Nottingham.
  20. But Macclesfield, directly west of you is Northern. Anywhere south of Newhaven on the A515 can claim Midland status in my view, but Buxton is within the 'sphere of influence' of Greater Manchester due to its close proximity. Buxton's local TV is also provided by ITV Granada and BBC North West. ---------- Post added 20-08-2013 at 15:16 ---------- East Midlands in government administrative purposes, yes. In geographically, definitely not.
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