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  1. Mel , Visit http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/reports where you will be able to look at the government inspection reports for each school. Also phone each school and ask if you can go and have a look around..you can often get a better feel for a school by actually being there and also you can ask questions.
  2. Does anybody here listen to BBC Radio Sheffield? If you do what do you think of all the recent changes? It's pretty obvious that the target audience for radio Sheff has changed because the station has been revolutionised and not for the better. I'm not averse to change but the standard of broadcasting has definitely declined. I listen to much more radio than telly as I like to get on with other things at the same time but hardly listen to Radio Sheff at all these days. I hate the term 'dumbing down' but can't think of a better description of what has happened.
  3. Oh I wouldn't have heard then being at SE side of Sheffield. Are sure sure you weren't dreaming Big Ben?
  4. Never heard a thing. What area in Sheffield? :shock:
  5. The 'new' sports facilities are underused because of the cost. My family can go to a local pool for a fraction of the cost of visiting Ponds Forge and park for free. I am sure Sheffield people agree with me if the numbers visiting Derbyshire's pools are anything to go by. Building these facilities is only part of the problem...how on earth will a debt ridden city like Sheffield ever manage to maintain them to such a high standard. I was involved with local politics at the time of the World Student Games (whoever heard of them anyway) and they were nothing but an ego trip for Cllr Peter Price at the time...and a very expensive one at that.
  6. Thanks for the address it looks a really useful site. I used to be a primary teacher but that was many years ago.
  7. Do you know if it is open all year round ie will it be open now?
  8. I used to read The Guardian in my student days but find it too arty farty nowadays. I've gone full circle and now much prefer The Daily Telegraph which is not nearly as right wing as it used to be.
  9. Part of the history curriculum for KS2 covers the second world war. I was wondering what a visit to Eden Camp near Pickering might be like from a childs perspective. Has anybody been?
  10. Caprice you are right the extension did start from the card shop. Also the market area was moved slightly. If my memory serves me right Liz Dawn from Coronation Street opened the extension.
  11. I totally agree that something should be done but honestly can't see it being enforceable. If my memory serves me right those 'bomb' like fireworks were banned a couple of years ago but they still went off last year. How do you stop people buying say from the internet? Also can you imagine how difficult it would be to catch anybody setting fireworks off illegally. The police often do not make visits to victims who have experienced much more serious crime so I'm sure that they wouldn't bother about fireworks.
  12. Mikey Try Prince of Wales at Eckington or the Miners Welfare Club at Mosbro'. Both have decent rooms with a bar and are on the SE side of Sheffield. Don't know about the cost though.
  13. What do you all think about the behaviour of one of our local MPs? Is he suitable material to be a Member of Parliament after recent revelations? I think the issue of Mr Betts being gay is a complete red herring and is being used by many to cover the more serious implications of his behaviour. I am not homophobic and do not believe that a persons sexual preference(s) should have any bearing on their suitabilty to do a particular job. I do however believe that Mr Betts's behaviour has shown him to be a very poor judge of character and a complete fool to himself. If he does not resign or is not deselected by the local labour party then I believe that the people will give him the boot at the next election. Your thoughts?
  14. Sorry but I totally disagree. I just do not believe that with 13 weeks holidays per year, not to mention the 5 teacher training days that parents cannot manage to obtain time off from work which coincides with some of the school hols. If you are taking 2 weeks extra per year off school you are robbing your child of 6 months education over their school life. I do agree that the holiday industry does rip us all off but that is another issue and Government could and should address it. The bottom line is how highly do you value your children's education. Mo
  15. Halevan, it's none of my business but don't you travel a long way to do your grocery shopping from Totley to Halfway? I agree about Morrisons they have some really good deals I shop there. Mo NE Derbyshire
  16. In NE Derbyshire we have a blue bag collection every 2 weeks for paper and a blue box for tins and bottles. I think it's a brilliant idea though looking how few other people do it I seem to be in a minority. Most people just can't be bothered. It is time that people who don't do their bit are financially penalised in some way. Most folk really don't have any excuse.
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