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  1. They say 'wow' because it is rare. You don't say which one of you works and that is relevant. I do the majority of childcare and housework in our house because I don't go out to paid work and have made it my job. BUT if I worked then I would fully expect my other half to share half of the workload and believe me there would be trouble if he didn't.
  2. Now might not be the best time to pressure him to ask for the potty/toilet what with everything else going on in his life. However, I believe that most nurseries like children to be clean and dry by the time they start and can cater for the ocasional wet pants. Yes you can use pull-ups of course which are fine for wees but if he wants a poo he will be mighty uncomfortable sitting in it for a couple of hours. Personally I would be tempted to remove the nappies/pull-ups completely and be prepared for lots of little mistakes while the he is still in the home environment, after all a month is a long time. Lots and lots of praise for remembering to ask for the toilet and just see what happens. If by the time he starts nursery you feel that he needs the security of the pull-ups then speak to the nursery about it.
  3. Could this be an urban myth? For a start bathrooms don't have electric sockets or certainly shouldn't have if wired by a 'real' electrician. I am therefore dubious. I found this http://answers.org/apologetics/fragrant_clear_thinking.html
  4. ..............when theres nothing left eh;)
  5. Ah but the ones that you are catering for at your house aren't eating at home are they? So in theory they needn't have bought as much in at their end. Soz but this is just my mind trying to create some sort of equilibrium but I it doesn't seem to work that way somehow.
  6. Yes it is. It is by Tigi and I use it along with Bed Head Sculpting liquid ............. does the job nicely.
  7. Mo

    Radio Sheffield

    I do it the other way round Billy. As soon as I hear his voice I go for the off switch but he was off today and will be tomorrow so I left it on (well for about 20 mins). Jonny Nelson was on and he was AWFUL. Jonny if you're reading this Stick to Boxing PLEASE
  8. Vile stuff, just like all artificial sweeteners. They all taste yukky. Stick to the natural stuff ie sugar. I don't buy any drinks or food containing any artificial sweeteners at all.
  9. Can we please have the same rule applying to CAT SH one T
  10. I could be wrong here but wouldn't you be considered to be guilty of aiding him in his tax fiddle if you paid into what you knew to be a dodgy account?
  11. Don't see a problem with this thread so long as builder is not named. I have had similar experience. You need to give the builder opportunity to put things right. Put this in writing and keep a copy. Tell him that he has x weeks to complete the works to a satisfactory standard. At this point you have 2 options, either; 1. Get quotes from other builders, have them do the work and then persue the original builder for the costs via the small claims court. This of course involves you stumping up more money. 2. Take your original builder to court for all costs incurred, for the costs of rectifying the works and maybe even compensation. This is what I did. No money up front but you have to live with mess about the house for longer. Prepare for a long hard slog. Even if judgement goes in your favour you still have to get the money out of your builder. We had to wait best part of a year as monies were paid in instalments. Good Luck.
  12. Take a look here and you could be forgiven for thinking so. Though the government are now distancing themselves from the website it has already been brought up in my childs school and so is being treated as policy.
  13. ppn_2004, I see that you have totally ignored the statement; Thimerosal is already being withdrawn in the US, where a government health authority has warned that it has a "biologically plausible" link to autism and should not be given to pregnant women. in the link. You can argue all you like but this is a fact. If vaccines are being withdrawn then the saftey issue cannot be cut and dry. Whilever there are question marks over the possible side effects then you simply cannot say that there is no link/danger because you do not know. But then again perhaps you know better than all those yankie medics.
  14. No, that was Ian St John, who I believe is still labour councillor somewhere in Rotherham. How about; Doc Adams - head of biology Miss Norris - RE Mr Hughes - head. Used to swan into assembly with black gown and morter board on head. Mrs Whittaker - Chemistry and PE Some of you older ex pupils might like to look at this
  15. Afraid this old chestnut as you put is is still cooking in the oven. Thiomersal containing vaccines are still under investigation as the MS link here illustrates http://www.msrc.co.uk/index.cfm?fuseaction=show&pageid=717 in the US. It now seems that mercury is been cited as a possible cause of Alzheimers. Think about it. This is a disease which is on the up at the same time as use of the flu jab is also on the increase. I'm not scaremongering and appreciate the benefits of flu protection in the elderly and those with chest problems or compromised immune systems but don't close your eyes to potential risks.
  16. He's a robber. Tried to charge me £18 for a tree about 4ft tall. Then wanted another fiver to knock a block of wood on the bottom. Needless to say he didn't get my cash. Birley Garden Centre have some lovely rooted trees in pots, about 4ft for £9.99.
  17. Many injections have thiomersal as a preservative ie MERCURY which is highly toxic.
  18. My daughter wants crimpers for Christmas but can I find any? Argos book has pages of dryers/straighteners etc but no mention of crimpers. Can anybody advise me where to go?
  19. No it's not. The NHS is paid for out of taxes (which some people don't pay). NI contributions pay for state pension and other state benefits. As we know the NI pot is empying faster than it is filling hence the prospect of working til you're nearly in the grave.
  20. As an atheist I probably don't have a right to an opinion on this one but here goes. I don't think that if I was a Christian that I would have a problem with it. Isn't the 'job' of the church to promote harmony and tolerance of others and their beliefs. You are probably right Roy that mosques wouldn't make a similar gesture to Christianity but thats no reason for the C of E not to do it.
  21. Lets get this straight then depoix. Do you wish that you were still going down a coal mine, spewing coaldust up with each cough? Or are you glad that you don't have to go through that anymore and that your offspring (if you have any) don't have to either? It's easy to hark on about what Thatcher did. Yes I disagreed with her, I manned soup kitchens, I collected around the pubs of Sheffield, I marched the miners at Brookhouse and Fence back to work but in retrospect for many men and their families it was a new beginning. They did things that they never would have dreamed of. Set up businesses, went back to school, not to mention the liberation of many of their womenfolk. The outcomes weren't all bad. And don't think for a minute that the lot we have in government at the present wouldn't have made the same decisions back then as the Tories did. TB has openly admitted his admiration for Maggie. Get well soon Maggie.
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