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  1. Dennis Potter had this type of cancer. Prognosis is not good.
  2. I personally waited until I was in my mid 30's for my first child and late 30's for my second and foe me that was the right choice. It meant that I was economically more secure. We were buying our own home and had managed to save a bit of money. I feel that my life experiences equiped me to be a better mother. I didn't feel that I was missing out as I had had a whale of a time socially up to that point. The downside could have been if I hadn't been able to conceive. Health Authorities have a cut off age for IVF treatment and so I may have missed the boat. Also if you have your family young then by the time they have grown up you are still young enough to have a life both socially and employment wise. There are pros and cons to both.
  3. A glance at the front page of timesonline shows only too graphically the dogmatic, intolerance of these people. Placards stating 'slay those who insult islam' and 'europe you will pay' are examples of a religion based on hatred of others who are different and who have every right to be different. If a Christian were to parade through the streets of Britain with placards of a similar sentiments we would be arrested for racial/religious incitment/hatred. Double standards or what?
  4. I have an allotment and have had for years. It's great exercise and it means we eat healthy organically grown produce. PS they even let us drive nowadays you know
  5. They are without a doubt the worst roads that I've encountered and I've lived in several major cities over the years. Whats more they have always been in a poor state of repair as long back as I can remember and I was born in the 50's though they have progressively got worse. IMO the present condition is the result of year on year under investment and a rolling bodging up programme. Of course it doesn't help when you get your road patched up and then the utilities come and more or less dig it straight up does it?
  6. But just suppose that there was a shortage. Do you seriously believe that the laws of economics would thrust their (cleaners) salaries into the kind of figures you are talking about? I accept that their training should be rewarded but whether the difference between their salaries and others who work in the NHS is acceptable I don't think so. I don't wish to bring drs incomes down but think that ancillery staff should be paid more.
  7. The same gov't website states that you may be entitled to both housing benefit and council tax benefit if you are on a low income. Ok so it may not apply to everybody but some obviously receive it.
  8. I think that you will find that there is a certain section of society armed with knowledge to degree level standard about what they can and can't claim. On the topic of childcare expenses .... you can claim up to £300 per WEEK if you have 2 children. That is a wage in itself. So when we talk about low incomes we have to bear in mind the freebies that people who are an income just above the cut off point have to pay for. PS and don't forget about all those other lovely allowances like housing benefit, council tax benefit to name but two.
  9. We also need hospital cleaners and porters but the same rule doesn't apply there.
  10. Cast your eyes over this little lot If like me you've never claimed benefits you'll find it a real eye opener. Tot all that little lot up and you'll wonder why you ever went to work
  11. Thats what you think or perhaps what she wanted you to think If you smoked for 10 years then she must have had a darn good idea. You would have stank for a start . Chances are you would at some time have had your smokies equipment on you. Emptying pockets to do the washing etc ???? We parents aren't completely bonkers you know
  12. I think that fox20thc has made some very good points. While I agree that obscene language coming from a small childs lips is stomach turning we have to face up to the fact that schools are a representative chunk of what the outside world is like. Lets face it your child is just as likely these days to witness bad language in bus queue or a doctors waiting room. It is all around them. The important thing is that they understand that certain words are wrong and it is not acceptable to use them (as a child anyway). My youngest came home one day uttering the 'f' word in all innocence. I could have ignored it and hoped that she didn't say it again or do as I did and explained that it was a horrible naughty word that I didn't want to hear again. It was a year ago and to my knowledge she has never said it since. Sadly exposure is inevitable even a such a young age.
  13. This place has definitely gone down the pan with poorer quality posting and more and more trivia.
  14. Ah an imposter. Any real Sheffielder will tell you that the city's ale was Wards
  15. Perhaps if the money had been invested in stopping them entering this country illegally in the first place then we wouldn't be discussing this now.
  16. Hi tara, There is a bus that goes through Ridgeway but can't tell you the number off hand - fat lot of good I am. If it's just a one off then sure get a taxi but remember a Sheffield taxi coming over the border into Derbyshire may land you with a hefty surcharge on top of your fare. Be warned I did it one Christmas not wanting to drink and drive and the fare was £25 (12 years ago).
  17. I think that perhaps society should recognise this type of crime for what it is and sentence accordingly. This chap had been sentenced to two stretches of 15 and 18 months so was probably out in half that time in reality. What message does that send out. To me offences of this kind should be treated every bit as seriously as murder and the punishment should reflect that.
  18. Lets not forget that this was the third time he has done this type of thing , the first one dating back to 1984. I hope that the benevolent souls who let him escape justice twice previously can sleep peacefully in their beds at night.
  19. Is Tony Banks related to Jeff Banks (the designer bloke) by any chance because they do look alike?
  20. Shucks. My secret is out at last. Nevermind you don't know where I live ................ do you?
  21. KP occasionally has a slot on radio Sheffield. Ring them and ask when she is next on. You might be able to glean her methods from listening to her. Mo
  22. Don't agree. If I was having major surgery I would want to go to the hospital that had the most success and 'killed' the least number of patients. Not all hospitals/surgeons provide the same level of skills/care.
  23. I've got a problem at the moment. You see I like feather pillows as opposed to those horrid foam filled things, which give you neckache when they are new as they are so high but go as flat as a pancake in no time. The problem is that the feathers are always escaping and floating aound which makes a hell of a mess. I've tried using two pillowcases which doesn't seem to make any difference.I've got some zipped pillow protectors but the feathers still make their way through. Anybody know of either a featherproof cover or a good alternative to feather filling?
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