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  1. Thanks poppins . Mo goes on glue hunt as well as weevil hunt!
  2. From what I can see they will eat anything. I just opened a sealed packet of trifle sponges and they had managed to get into the sealed plastic inner wrapper They also appear to like hiding under the labels on tins. BEWARE.
  3. Anybody had any of these little blighters in their cupboards? I saved some flour past it's date for making play dough for the kids, which was a huge mistake. I have cleared the cupboard and thrown out all opened packets of food and bleached the cupbaords but I'm still finding the odd one. They seem impossible to clear out. Any ideas?
  4. Don't know your age but my generation were very lucky if they escaped any of the MMR childhood diseases. We had them and we recovered and had lifelong immunity as a result.
  5. For goodness sake you lot, get a grip. These illnesses are not akin to the bubonic plague. They are childhood ailments which thankfully the vast majority of children recover from. They recovered in years gone by and I dare say with improved hygeine, better diet and an overall better standard of living they would recover from even quicker today. All this scaremongering is not necessary. Most parents want to do the best for their offspring whether that be giving MMR or not as the case may be.
  6. Don't panic. It's fine if used as directed by your doctor and for SHORT periods of time. I have to use it for inside my ears even thought the directions say 'not to be put in ears'. It is brilliant at doing the job and once the excema is cleared the key is moisturise moisturise and moisturise again.
  7. You are completely wrong in all your assumptions. I have had Norton for 3 years and never had a problem - not bad going I think. This is the first hiccup. No it wasn't preinstalled on my computer. I sought advice and it was recommended at the time. As I said before if you care to read my previous post, my subscription is up to date. I have paid for Norton and until the year is out I have no intention of scrapping it. If thats the best advice you can offer then please don't.
  8. Well thanks to the decent folks who have tried to offer help (you know who you are).
  9. My subscription is upto date so I can see no reason for it. I have looked at the website and can't see any facility for leaving a message.....just lots of self help thingies (which aren't any help) How can I get the aborted updates if I can't access the Live Update? Would I be able to uninstall and then reinstall?
  10. I know that Norton is not everyones favourite AVbut I've not had any problems upto now. I am getting the red 'needs attention' alert on the anti-virus telling me that my protection is out of date. I have tried to run the live update but it won't complete as it tells me ' the following updates have been aborted *gives me letters and numbers* failed during preprocessing welcome text phase' What is this all about?????? And how do I sort it???? All help would be most appreciated. x
  11. http://www.culture.gov.uk/alcohol_and_entertainment/licensing_act_2003/children.htm#restricted It seems from this that unless the licencing authority thinks that a particular pub has dangerous influence or that alcohol is served between 12 - 5am then there should be unrestricted access to children.
  12. My point exactly. It wasn't her money, though she probably could well afford to pay for it, but subscriptions paid by ordinary Labour Party members. Those members are very likely to come from the poorer groups that I mentioned ie pensioners and low income workers
  13. How can somebody who in a month spends £7700 of other peoples money on hair dos be in touch with ordinary folk like us (excepting any millionaires reading this)? IMO it's obscene when a single pensioner has to live on £4381 per year state pension and somebody earning the minimum wage would have to work for 36 weeks to earn the equivalent. They just haven't got a clue!
  14. The pain/pins and needles were in my wrist with shooting pains going up my arm. The pain was always worst at night which apparently typical of CTS. I wasn't offered sugery but had to buy a kind of splint which fitted round my hand and thumb and fastened with velcro. I was in agony for about 18 months but the pain subsided of it's own accord eventually. I did try to start knitting again afterwards but began to get twinges so stopped straight away.
  15. I used to knit for hours and hours but after developing CTS I am no longer able to knit. I used to find it so relaxing and of course I had something useful and beautiful at the end of it. I have since taken up various long stitch projects to relax with.
  16. You seem to have a problem with people who do what keeps the human race going ie have children and as you don't have any yourself you obviously have no idea what shopping with a baby and toddler in tow is like.
  17. There is a pub on Mosborough Moor with a sign outside saying they will not serve anybody under 21. I find this unacceptable because; 1. Not everybody under 21 causes bother. You are just as likely to find thugs in the 20,30,40,50 age brackets these days. So everybody under 21 gets tarred with the same brush and is punished for the bad behaviour of a few. 2. Is this actually legal? The law says that you can drink alcohol in a pub at 18 so to be told that you are barred until you are 21 is surely altering the law to suit. If I was a young person I would certainly boycott that pub when I 'came of age'. Also can you imagine the uproar if the sign had said 'no women' or 'no blacks'? If I was a young person I would be so tempted to challenge the licensee.
  18. No pain relief for me at all, not by choice I hasten to say. I had liver failure and as a result could not metabalise any pain relief so I had to grin and bear it. I did have the gas and air which I found next to useless.
  19. The point is that the research is not independent so how can you fully trust the findings when the money that has funded it has a vested interest. You can't. Only when scientific research is independent of the drug companies who stand to make zillions out of vaccine sales and the government who would be in a hell of a mess financially if a link were proven can it be trusted.
  20. They are available but not on the NHS. You will have to pay and be prepared to travel. I would say that you shouldn't panic at all. Measles is not a killer disease. Yes there can be complications in a very very very small number of cases but most children will get the illness and recover fine. Take your time to decide and don't less anybody push you into having something for your child that you are unsure about.
  21. Now that a positive identification of the deadly bird flu virus has been identified in a dead cat in Germany what happens next? While humans can limit/reduce or avoid contact with birds and poultry the fact that the virus has spread to the feline population surely gives us even greater cause for concern. Should cats be confined to the house so as to stop them attacking the wild bird population? Any thoughts?
  22. Tony , an alternative slant to your argument might be to withdraw state support to those parents who do not bring their children up to be decent,law abiding members of society. That should save an enormous proportion of the family allowance budget and also with a bit of luck reduce the numbers of such individuals walking our streets. PS State sterilisation is already free for both male and females
  23. He's a man, enough said. It's what men do. He must find them erotic or he wouldn't look at them. It's just how they are programmed PS I wouldn't take it personally
  24. I have two children but following on from your argument, I haven't used the fire service at all during my life so can I have a huge rebate for that? While you're at it I haven't used the hospital service for eight years so maybe a small windfall for that. I don't use the libraries etc etc etc. It just wouldn't work.
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