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  1. Had mine for about 18 months and was never offered surgery. I used a splint type of brace over the hand and wrist and took painkillers when necessary. With rest and stopping knitting the inflamation subsided and has never returned.
  2. Any Fiat Stilo owners out there who have received a recall letter regarding suspension/brakes? Should we be provided with a courtesy car while the job is being carried out?Anybody know the legal situation on this?
  3. You mean like telling all the parents of other dyslexic children within that particular LEA that provision for thier children is inadequate but if they don't happen to be able to afford £15k a year then they'll just have to do without? Some sort of equality that is
  4. But this was my point earlier on Tony, we can't all afford to make that choice much as we might like to. So all this about choice is a big con. You only have the choice if you can afford it and for most people that is the Hobsons variety.
  5. The state system is good enough for we plebs but not for her own children. She can CHOOSE because she can afford to but most of the rest of us can't and have to put up with whats left, but hey this government never did promise socialism
  6. I find it difficult to get my head around the idea of HRT. I am in my late 40's with no sign of, as yet being menopausal but I do wonder whether taking something as controversial as HRT for a natural process is wise. For me the idea of hot flushes and irritability is far preferable to breast cancer and a stroke! Let nature take its course ladies just as it was meant to do.
  7. You are actually most at risk of spreading the disease in the first 5 days of infection. In other words before you even know that you have it yourself ie before the rash appears. Encorage the sores to dry up by using either calamine lotion or bathing the sores in a solution of bicarbonate of soda ie cooking soda. Take paracetamol, planty of drinks (non alcoholic ) and rest.
  8. Just go into the Town Hall and look at the electoral roll and jobs a good un
  9. Anybody notice the contrast between the coverage shown last night on the BBC and that on ITV? The BBC handled the matter with compassion and sensitivity while the ITV in true tabloid style sensationalised the whole matter. They showed a reporter at the scene of crime before even all the police had arrived. The member of the public who had found the body was still by the side of the road. Was it he who had contacted the ITV I wonder? The reporter went on to describe the 'naked flesh' on display. How GROSS.
  10. I assume from what you are saying that you think that no murders would have taken place had the girls not been working the streets. If this man? wanted to murder women then I assume any women would ultimately do. The fact that they were prsotitutes just made his job a whole lot easier.
  11. It's wrong to imply that all young people are upto no good. Most youngsters are decent people unfortunately we only hear about the thugs and thieves.
  12. You should check with the council that they don't have a tree preservation order on them. If they do you will have to apply for permission.
  13. You might well find this site a good source of info http://www.omnesamici.co.uk/ Another pop star who attended City was Mark White who went on to be part of ABC in the 80's. Hope this helps.
  14. I don't know about who should, but I think that had David Blunkett not had that unfortunate liason with the dratted yank, then he would have been a serious contender.
  15. Just set my daughter up on this on her first mobile phone and we have probs. Yesterday her credit went down by approx £4 though she had made no chargeable calls or texts. Her younger sister had been handling the phone and we think that she may have accidently downloaded a ringtone from Orange World. Where would this ringtone have been downloaded to on phone ie where would I find it and how would I set it up? Also is it a one off payment? You might be thinking or even or maybe but my phone just rings and texts. Please help.
  16. It's a good walk but depends why you are going to the hospital. If you are visiting then it is poss (if you like walking). If you are a patient and feel under the weather then forget it.
  17. There used to be a bus from Crystal Peaks to Calow hospital. Probably worth checking as you could get tram there from Manor
  18. Sarah1 I think you have got off lightly. I have just totted up the cost of uniform for my daughter who is going up to secondary school and it comes to £300.
  19. I think the concept of charities is outdated and demeaning. I accept that animal charities need to exist but the thought of having to put out the begging bowl for essential things such as hospices, air ambulances, RNLI etc infuriating.
  20. The Duty Holder, which in your case could be your head teacher has a duty of care to make sure that all asbestos within the school has been identified so that it may be managed safely. I don't know the extent of your refurbishment but if it involves architects then they should have commissioned a more extensive survey (level 2 I think) before the building work was started. This would have located all sources of asbestos and the resulting report should have been shown to all contracters working within school. You don't say whether you work in school as a teacher or in a caretaker type role. If you are a teacher then I'm nt being funny here but you probably shouldn't have been in the school when the works were being carried out. The HSE have more powers than the police - they don't need a warrant to enter premises for instance. If they are involved then lets hope that all the correct procedures have been followed and paperwork completed or heads will roll.
  21. I'm lucky my GP is a dentist too
  22. This did make national tv last night as it was covered by Newsnight. He also said that the way we change things is this country is by participating in the political process and not blowing innocent folk to high hell. How can any reasonable thinking person disagree with that?
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