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  1. Why do you need to know such detailed details?
  2. I wonder if she will be using her influence to push for the expansion of grammar schools under a Labour government, thereby giving all parents the choice she exercised for her own child. I think not
  3. Carriers of HPV are advised to use a condom and spermicide during intercourse to avoid infecting their partner. Why do you think that that might be recommended then?
  4. No I couldn't kill if there was alternative food available. If I was starving then I'm sure I could.
  5. May protect against HPV which is the trigger for cervical cancer but still leaving them vulnerable to other STDs which are only preventable via the use of barrier methods. Could lull people into a false sense of security
  6. Very true. One telly at this house. Adults very selective about what they watch. Telly only switched on when we are going to watch a particular prog. Children also very selective. Look in tv paper, select prog, watch then turn telly off. It's never on for background. Children copy what they see parents doing.
  7. You are right in what you say but to be a joiner, plumber etc you still need to have a firm grasp of basic mathematics and writing skills. You need to be able to communicate with customers and fellow workers effectively. Even if you don't have any job at all you still need to be literate to be part of society. You need to be able to read a recipe, a bus timetable, read whats on tv etc etc.
  8. Soooo unfair There has never been more money pumped into primary schools to provide extra support and teaching for children who fit into this category. Schools do their best but education needs back up from home and without this then schools face an almost impossible task.
  9. Why not take a look here http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/infoabout/claims/index.htm It should tell you all you need to know
  10. Yes you would if the ruling goes in your favour. I've used the smalls claims service twice. Ist time the case was heard but the second time the case was settled before it went to court. Reasonably easy to do.
  11. Do you think that Katie is a good role model for todays young women? She is harsh, ruthless, seemingly self centred but also very focussed in her career aims and intelligent to boot. I have my own ideas but wondered how others had perceived her .
  12. I do doubt the ability of some non nursing staff to take blood pressure accurately. My mum has twice been referred to her GP for excessively high blood pressure after having had it taken by the receptionist. Both times her bp was within the normal range (though I dare say the shock and worry of the receptionists readings sent it sky high). This all resulted in; 1. Needless worry for my mum. 2. Waste of a gp appointment x2 3. The error could have been the other way ie high bp diagnosed as ok.
  13. Could be wrong but I suspect he is making reference to 'the working woman'
  14. What exactly it is they don't have then? They have exactly the same access to the same schools as my kids. They have access to the same hospitals as me etc etc. The only difference as I see it is that they make different choices to me. Well whose fault is that?
  15. TJ Hughes have some i think. I know they sell the blue perfume and last week they had some multi packs of various Charlie bodysprays - think that blue was one of them.
  16. It is called 'the law'. Schools have a legal obligation to provide the local authority with detailed attendance records and similarly the law allows for parents to be fined. The answer is simple - send your child to school as the law demands and you won't be fined
  17. You are right in that education is about more than academic studies but you will have your children in your care for something like 18 hrs a day with over three months holidays per year. Don't you think that you will have ample time there to provide all those extra experiences that you say school does not provide? Forget about your chiild for one moment and consider the teacher and the rest of the class who are put on hold while your child is taught all the work that they have missed while on holiday. Seems pretty unfair to me. Make the most of your children while you have them at home and then give them the best possible chance of success by allowing their maximum attendance.
  18. They wanted to build in in Doncaster. They had the site and everything but the council wouldn't give them planning permission due to the location of some trees that would have required felling.
  19. At present even though childrens clothes are VAT exempt, school uniform with logos is VAT chargeable. We do not have a choice whether or not we buy these items, they are compulsory in school. Uniform is pricey enough without having to pay an extra 17.5% tax to the government:rant: on top.
  20. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/VATSchoolUniform/ Please sign the above petition with the aim of getting VAT removed from the price of school uniforms.
  21. Don't expect to earn much. Folk who go to car boots, in my experience want stuff giving to them.
  22. Well my daughter has never tried BS products so can't truthfully comment on that one and as she is severely allergic she may get an irritation where others would not. For instance, Simple soap makes her face red raw. I know that the BS are good at giving out little samples for you to try so am sure that if you explain your problem they would oblige. That way you find out if the product is good for you without going to the expense of buying the full size container.
  23. Try diprobase cream. My daughter has excema, is also allergic to sunshine (has prescription sunscreen), allergic to rainwater and also to aqueous cream. The only cream that she can use is Diprobase. Remember that just because a product is unperfumed with no colours doesn't mean that it will not cause a reaction on your skin. I would steer clear of any products made by cosmetic companies
  24. Children NEED time, love and attention. They DON'T NEED designer clothes, the latest electronic games, mobile phones etc etc. I would therefore say to parents who consider earning ££££ above the need to spend time with their children 'get your priorities right'
  25. Book online then even if you have to queue for the car park you can go staright in and just collect your tickets. Easy peasy.
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