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  1. This may seem a silly question, but does anybody out there know whether ladies can take a handbag on board as well as the permitted one piece of hand luggage?
  2. How do I change WMA files to MP3 files please?
  3. So the odd couple next door were just red herrings then?
  4. Thanks PT. I wish I'd watched it now
  5. Anybody see this film last night? I watched it upto the part where MPrealised that her husband had been having sex with the missing girl then I got tired and retired to bed. What happened?
  6. Yes I have ploymyalgia rheumatica. It is horrendously painful and the drugs used to control it are poison. Steroids damp down the pain but thin the bones and cause oesteoporosis, raised blood pressure and cataracts to name a few. If left untreated total immobility results as well as potential blindness. It is a serious illness so don't talk out of your backside please
  7. I think that this thread is an interesting one to debate and haven't quite made my mind up yet on it. Do I take it then Red that as a public representative, you don't agree with us all knowing how much you claim? That information and that of our MP's is freely available so whats the difference there then? Your income, your business???
  8. We have a Speedtouch 585v6 modem (sent to us by aol so should be ok?).
  9. School uniform items are half price until Tuesday when you order on line http://www.trutex.com/ enter code TD090750 at checkout Offer applies to all school logo uniform as well as without logo. Some great offers. Postage is usually free but in this instance they are charging £3.50 but you can still save some serious money (shame its after term has started but you can put away or top up those forgotten items)
  10. This might sound stupid but will I then not be able to use aol email?
  11. Anybody else having probs with vista/aol9vr. Before you all start slagging off AOL don't because I like it and have had trouble free surfing for 6 years that is until I got vista at the weekend. It's cocked eveything up and while I had no probs with aol9 I've had nothing but bother with vr. Anybody make any (sensible) suggestions? Thanks
  12. Cats are the hosts of toxoplamosis, If in any doubt read here ;http://www.isabellevets.co.uk/health_advice/cat/info/toxocat.htm That is why cat C..P is different to C..p from any other animal.
  13. So it's nothing that I've done then?
  14. Trying to log on to a website and keep getting the message below. Have always been able to access it in the past so what does it mean apart from the fact that it won't work? missing circuit.xml The circuit xml file, circuit.xml, for circuit MASTERugogoPricingAvailability could not be found. Please try the following: Enable Robust Exception Information to provide greater detail about the source of errors. In the Administrator, click Debugging & Logging > Debugging Settings, and select the Robust Exception Information option. Check the ColdFusion documentation to verify that you are using the correct syntax. Search the Knowledge Base to find a solution to your problem. Browser Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1) Remote Address Date/Time 11-Aug-07 08:59 PM
  15. Karen I'll get the prospectus out again and pm you
  16. Sorry have just noticed that you said daughter Skirt plain black or dark grey of acceptable style and length Trousers plain black or dark grey tailored Shirt white short sleeved polo with school logo or plain white shirt blouse with school tie (nobody wears the latter) sweatshirt black with school logo socks plain dark coloured footwear plain black not trainers No heels above 2inch no sandals, shoes/boots no more than 1 inch above ankle bone
  17. Think you have the wrong school as Eckington has a black sweatshirt.
  18. http://www.trutexdirect.com/ This is very useful as you can buy online and comes delivery free. Much better quality than the stuff you buy from the killamarsh supplier. Is the uniform for a boy or girl?
  19. Perhaps they were attacked because of the horrendous crime they committed. The fact that they were muslims is by the by. Who is to say that a white christian found guilty of indisriminatly murdering hundreds of innocent citizens would not have met with the same fate?
  20. I am aware that there are schools adopting this policy throughout the country but am pretty sure that it's not the 'law'. While I agree that we should be feeding our children as healthy a diet as possible I don't think that this is the way to do it. Who will police it? I would have thought that dinner ladies had enough to do. What happens if food is confiscated? Child goes hungry? Child feels like an outcast? Child made to feel that they have bad parents? Will this apply to teachers lunch boxes too? They are after all role models. Will this really alter eating habits when the child still goes home to burgers/pizza/chips/ etc night after night? Bad idea!
  21. It is up to the governors what goes on in the school whether or not they technically own the building and in any case I don't think that you would stand a chance of renting a classroom (speaking as a governor here) ps am assuming that you don't want to hire after school closes
  22. I think that some of the replies here amply illustrate what a bunch of arrogant and selfish people that smokers are. Perhaps the publican who smokes is a little short on the grey matter and doesn't realise that it is a criminal acitivity (and like it or not, that's exactly what it now is) doesn't go down well when applying for a licence.
  23. You shouldn't make light of this. What other laws do you think it would be ok to flaunt?
  24. Can't confirm but that seems to be the order of the day for this government. Encourage everybody to have benefits paid into bank accounts, take way some of the services eg car taxation then say that customers aren't using the PO's.
  25. Mention it to the head then he/she can give the parents a gentle reminder in the next newsletter. Not only the smoke issue here but all those dirty fag ends to clear up
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