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  1. Brid is dire - dirty and tacky but just a short walk up the coast is Sewerby and thats lovely. There isn't much there but there is a super chip shop and a short walk to Danes Dyke and Flamborough is very enjoyable.
  2. Aw thank you thats really kind.
  3. Do they ever bring products back from previous campaigns or have I missed the boat here? They are still selling it in the states.
  4. Yes that looks like it could be. Now I have something to work on. Thank you! X
  5. Some weeks ago I smelt the most gorgeous perfume on a lady when I was shopping. Cheeky I know but I asked her what it was. She said she had a friend who was a rep who gave her allsorts of samples to try but she couldn't remember what it was called. It was a very florally perfume (lily or gardinia I think). She said it came in a white bottle that looked like basket weave. I have tried the Avon website but can't see anything that resembles it. Can anybody help please?
  6. Little man???? How do you get a little man?
  7. Be kind to me as I'm new to google earth but can anybody tell me why I can only get ariel views when I use streetview? How can I see the buildings face on as if i'm in the street?
  8. Stinking rotten chicken has happened to me many times at Morrisons. They have the damn cheek to tell me that my fridges can't be cold enough. Funny that as produce from other supermarkets don't go off before the use by date! I think that one of two things are happening 1. Food is being taken out of it's wrapper when it has reached its use by date and repackaged/redated and put back on the shelf. 2. Their fridges aren't cold enough to stop the food starting to deteriorate - probably turned them up to safe electricity.
  9. They still do I stopped my daughetr having school dinners after I saw the amounts they were given, when i was helping out in school.
  10. Lets get one or too things straight, measles is NOT a killer disease. I am fed up with the pro MMR scaremongers trying to brianwash parents into believing that if they do not have the injection their children will die. Yes it is an extremely unpleasant childhood disease. Yes there CAN be complications in rare cases. But for most children it was a normal part of growing up and childrens immune systems were all the stronger for it. I know because I, like the rest of my generation had it. I'm not advocating non vaccination (mine were vaccinated singly) but i would urge any parent who was unsure, to hang fire and not to be frightened into having something done that they feel uncomfortable with.
  11. I do not know whether MMR is dangerous, but as a mother, I will not do anything that has a question mark over it regarding my childrens health and wellbeing. I may have a diiffering opinion to you but I am not a 'moron'. Just a point here - the debate over the vaccines safety was going on long before Dr Wakefield was publicly involved. My daughter is 14 now and I was reading about concerns then.
  12. Quite simply, if parents are postponing having their children vaccinated because they fear MMR then give them the vaccines singly and I'm quite sure they will take them up. If you assume that the decision to introduce MMR was one based purely on parents who 'couldn't be bothered to make all the trips to the doctor' then you are ignoring a very big factor, one of £££££££££££££££££££££££££££
  13. Anybody know how to do one of these on the website. Each product has reviews supposedly placed by customers. cannot for the life of me see how to leave a review. I have just bought two producs from Argos and have been disappointed by both. I would like to let other shoppers know. Anybody used the review section?
  14. Don't you think that Sats are as much about testing the teachers and if so, then surely thats a good thing. Before SATS came along how would you know whether or not your child was achieving what he should be or not or more to the point whether the teachers were doing their job? SATS needn't be stressful and if school has done this to your child then that is disgraceful.
  15. I understand your point but what about the staffing isues at school. A statemented child will need extra classroom support and that often means that school will have to set on extra staff or give exisiting staff extra hours. Once set up, a committent is made to those staff and it is not just a matter of saying goodbye you aren't needed any more.
  16. Good advice so far. I have rejected the offer as the share price is only a couple of pence cheaper than buying them on the open market. The Halifax will not be able to give you advice so no point asking there. Personally i wouldn't bother.
  17. Why you so horrified craig, it's been happening to women for years
  18. If you've not been for many years Redissert then you may be disappointed. OK the coastal scenery can't change but the places themselves are beginning to look run down and tatty. Went a couple of years ago and was very disappointed - much prefer the North Devon coastline.
  19. I know ecxactly what you mean Zebra - we could do with something like this http://www.barterbooks.co.uk/ It's an amazing place to visit if you are evr up in Northumbria. Take all your old stuff in and come away with lots of 'new' books to read. You can also buy if you wish.
  20. All this after Labour's 'Education education education' chant. Anybody who still votes Labour deserves all they get!
  21. Tasteless but completely beautiful to look at - just the job for decorating a fruit salad.
  22. Why don't they go the whole hog and enforce sterilisation for all those unfit to be parents, after all their are plenty of them to target? Controversial I know but when the state starts interfering with moral choices like immunisation what next?
  23. Can anybody tell me the order of the Alex Rider books please? I have googled and come up with their titles but don't seem to be able to find out their order. I know that Stormbreaker is the first one.
  24. Thanks so far guys. I have looked at Ryanairs FAQs and no mention is made of handbags. I'd hate to have to start sharing out the contents of my handbag amongst all the members in my party
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