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  1. Well this should be fun. Labour has promised all sorts in their election leaflets so NOW DELIVER!...... .and please don't use the current government as an excuse.


    Reinstate 10 PCSO posts

    Restore 15% cuts to children's services

    Restore apprenticeships for 16-19 year olds

    Restore cuts to voluntary sector

    Free rat treatment

    Stop cuts to support services to children and adventure playgrounds



    WE ARE WAITING with great interest.

  2. So how does David and Penny Baker (Lib Dems) sound ? How about the Brelsford family (Lib Dems) in Stocksbridge - mum Maureen, son Martin and wife Alison, all 3 have been councillors?


    Jackie Satur has been a Labour Party member in Woodhouse almost all her life. She has campaigned, helped with councillors' surgeries and been active on community groups. She lives in Woodhouse. She's brought her family up there. If you call this a stranglehold, I'm not sure you have a clear idea about what a local councillor actually does.


    I can assure you that Mrs Satur HAS NOT been a Labour Party member in Woodhouse for MOST of her life.

  3. Have been defragging now for 5 hrs and i'm beginning to wonder if it' stuck!! With XP there was a progress bar so that you could see how much further to go but I can't find one in vista.


    Is it hidden and if so how do I find it? and


    How much longer do you think that I should give it?

  4. Hi Mo, the perfume you wanted, Flower by Cynthia Rowley, is in the Hello Tomorrow magazine. If you have a friend who sells Avon, ask her to order it for you as the mag is for reps only. The perfume is only a travel size - 12ml and there is also a shower gel and a body lotion. Hopefully, she will be able to help you. The order has already gone in but she will be able to backdate it on her next order. :thumbsup: x


    Thanks Brix, I will ask her. Perhaps you'll PM me if it ever comes back in the main catalogue

  5. Leave the man alone forr goodness sake. These protesters have probably never done a days work in their lives - layabout political agitators if you ask me.


    What they really ought to be asking themselves is is why voters have given the BNP their votes. IMO it is because the mainstream parties have stifled any concerns about immigration issues by dealing the racism card each time anybody deemed to question immigration policy (or in the case of this governemnt the lack of it). What they have effectively done is driven votes to the BNP.


    I hope the protesters are arrested and charged with assault.:rant:

  6. There was an interesting comments a women who have been in the cabinet.


    Caroline Flint.


    "You have a two-tier government. Your inner circle and then the remainder of cabinet. I

    have the greatest respect for the women who have served as full members

    of cabinet and for those who attend as and when required. However, few are allowed into your inner circle. Several of the women attending cabinet – myself included – have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing. I am not willing to attend cabinet in a peripheral capacity any longer".


    Two points here;


    Firstly how can any woman who poses for a glamour magazine complain that she is being used as window dressing. If she wants to be treated seriously then she shoud act like a diginified, business like individual. She has proved herself to be a self seeker.


    Secondly, the lack of women in the cabinet should be the least of our worries when Gordon is surrounding himself with men who aren't even elected - THAT IS SCARY

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