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  1. Please Remove My Account And Posts As Requested On The Help Desk !
  2. another post by someone who knows sod all. if your on a road doing one speed and the speed limit is changed, even if you go off that road, then there has to be adiquate signage or the driver is to presume that the speed limit is the same. May I suggest you get a copy of the highway code yourself. even the prossicution conceded that point and were ready to chuck the case out. only down to me going guilty is what did me. the thought of travelling back and forth to contest a £30 fine seemed pointless. my only regret were the points but they are the first 3 points ive had in over 20 years.
  3. Ha Im glad this came up. I was doing exactly 40 on that street after coming off a 40mph road below it and the signage was obscuard. I took pictures to court but had to plead guilty as I never argued about the speed but just the signage. its stupid, the prosicutions argument was that there are street lamps and I should have known, but I pointed out that so did the 40mph road id just left which were of the exact same dimentions. I stuck exactly to the speed limit as I always try and was punnished for the highways incompitance to keep on top of the sign posts. if it was the same reason you was done then ill stand as witness if it helps
  4. Yes me too. so sorry about your friend, I read it in the star and it hit me a bit becuase it could happen to anyone. God bless her.
  5. He is mixed up with rioting. he is trying to subvercably warn them that they can expect marches and other disordily conduct. clamping down on noise will be the tip of the iceberg in some parts.
  6. well i wont have spelt your name wrong because I dont recall posting anything directly at you ? Im saying that its a misconception that everyone on the dole are scrounging no good low lifes. and that benifits themselves dont pay enough for anyone to live it up on a particular lifestyle without giving something up to pay for it. meaning people that turn to alcohol ect do so at the expence of clothing and food, having free view or cable on the dole is not such a bad thing when you realise that people on the dole dont go on holidays, buy clothing every other week ect. enough money to get buy on is benifits but once the money is in peoples pockets the gov dont have a say how its spent. even if the gov gave food stamps or clothing vouchures they woulkd still be used as curreny but at a lower value than what they would be worth so the poor would become poorer for such a scheme.
  7. You know sod all about the benifits system it seems. as for agencies, well the Gov have set another barrier for the un employed where you need a passport ect to even reg with an agency now. show me a person on the dole that has money to spare to need a passport. I think as working people are starting to struggle they are looking at people on benifits as living the life of riley Well I put it to any of you who think the life is good to do a swap. your jobs for benifits. Beleve me, there are a few bad eggs on the dole but the majority are the same as yourselves when you find yourselves out of work, the majority would love to be doing the job that any of you reading this do and have your lifestyle rarther than the humiliation and bordom and depression that ensues for the long term un employed. Lets debate it but keep it real, not slagging people off to realieve a bit of the days tention
  8. its just a numbers game, the people that are making the goods for us are not the educated ones. china has an higher number of xy and z dont count when your talking of the numbers involved
  9. Why would he/she be new? thats what you entitled too. You all live in a dream world if you think that people dont struggle on benifits. banginman, you missed out how the gas/electric companies leach off the benifit system too by charging people for the likes of tokan metering. all you with jobs and money do not need token meters that cost £150 a year. brighthouse has allready been named but there are loads of other benifit LEACHES that dont get mentioned, just the claimant is getting the stick so how about landlords with substandard housing that gets housing benifit paid to them ? or the credit companies that cant wait to get you out of a hole only to put you in a bigger one ?
  10. The real problem here is that we are educated to such an high standard that people feel they are above certain type of work. If someone can read , write , and have various other skills but no work to take advantage of this great education then whats the point. If someone who is as educated as the next man but hasnt had the breaks to get him in the same sort of work, then is it then fair to ask/tell that person that he has to go picking sprouts for a pittance ? We dont give enough pay for the jobs that keep this country going. people leave schools with a fairly high standard of education, with promised that the world is your oyster ect, but the reality of it is the struggle has just started after school. the people that cant hack it get into drugs and booze and depression is rife. before we start the blame game we should look at making sociaty fairer. the problem with this country is there are counties doing it cheaper . imported labour and imported goods do not help the situation.
  11. We dont need to force a charge on anyone, like I said if you give people the choice tho's what can afford it will. Open the bus gates to them that want to pay and beat the congestion. dont charge a lot for a day and people will put there hands in their pockets or put up with it. Sheffield is not capable of a full congetion charge like London, nore does it warrent that model. We should have our own setup. The more the traffic moves the less of an impact on the enviroment. The more people pay for bus lanes the less congestion for others. The more people pay to get home 20 min earlier the more money goes to the council for road schemes. dont make Sheffield a no go for people with no doe. give us a choice instead.
  12. Dont go giving the police somthing to investigate, they dont care for the work involved. my thoughts are the man on the roof and the cars are linked but the police not being bothered is nothing out of the ordinary. and as for topics and posts getting deleted or moved on here, well thats nothing new either. not such a big mystery as it is a dissapointment that criminals get an easy time of it.
  13. Thats funny the cat cam is the best, a remote control car or something This is reporting fit for newsround
  14. Yep but when they halve your wages to stick joe blocks in a phantom job to work along side you it will be a diff story. as pointed out we are going to have to invent work as the numbers dont add up between jobs and people needing them. unless this country went daft and got rid of everyone that were not born here to gain back jobs for the 3 milion going to need them. maybe thats the big picture ? get rid of the poles that take money out of the country by forcing the unemployed into tho's jobs and giving them tax breaks to make the work more palletable. I think that this witch hunt of people on benifit is going to bite the Gov in the bum. it will create that much social unrest in this country that we will be begging for them to get us back to where we are now. if you think the far right are gaining popularity now, then wait until you have 3 million new ears looking for a voice thats talking their langage, then see if it was worth it. its all going to go pear shaped if this lot isnt handled right.
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