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  1. My sister! Her name is Amanda Watkinson , born April 1976 at nether edge hospital. Her parents were Teresa Reynolds (maiden Bowen) and my father John Watkinson. She lived on Lismore Road, Sheffield 8 when she was born, but it have no further details other than that. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. Hi I'm looking for a function room to hold around 80 people for my 30th in March, it has to be child friendly and I'm looking at having a bouncy castle too.. (Kids theme) Can anyone recommend a pub/sports club / hall that would allow kids and has space for a bouncy castle? Thanks
  3. I have recently had issues with my hip joint and tendon due to running, but its not the running.. its my technique and my flat feet! When i run my feet go in and my ankles come out..and i stick my ass out.. yeah picture that! Over the years this has caused me to use different muscles first and put pressure on my hips, Im under a physio at the minute and eventually once my tendon is relaxed and my muscles are retrained to work in the right order.. (various stretches, lunges and bridges every hour) I will then have to use insoles in my trainers to support my feet properly. Basically i dont think any exercise is bad.. as long as its done correctly and you're wearing the right gear, dont go running a 5k in plimsoles.. get proper running trainers that support your feet, lifting weights.. get guidance on your posture and stance. Listen to your body, if its painful (and I dont mean the DOMS) you're doing it wrong.
  4. Some of the police have left, taking a female with them, the road is still closed
  5. Post your CV on monster and agencies will contact you directly, for the office/admin work I'd contact Sue Ross Recruitment & Office Angels. Search for jobs on Reed.co.uk too, they have a number of job listings where various recruitment agents post jobs.
  6. When my husband had one he was advised to cut a V shape in his nail as far down as he could, this will hurt and will more than likely bleed, but it will force the nail to grow back together and stop it from ingrowing again, he hasnt had any more problems since he did this Or.. go to a chiropadist see if they can help?
  7. Has anyone got any info on the 4 week bootcamp course Puregym are doing? I saw a sign in the doors to tesco on my last visit but havent had chance to go back to speak to anyone yet..
  8. Agreed. Don't make the employer work to read your letter, Keep it clear, concise and straight to the point. I'll be honest in the fact that I didn't read all your letter bedrock. Write it as a letter, no one puts gaps or bullet points in letters. It is the first impression a recruiter has on you. Ensure your spelling and grammar is correct. Paragraphs, start middle and end. If you get stuck there are many excellent examples of cover letters available on the Internet which you can amend accordingly. As for your cv again no bullet points, or lists, clear concise information of your job history and skills. Good luck
  9. the new pure gym on the wicker is opening this next week,
  10. I recomend wicker camp, my nieces and nephews and brother goes there.. tempted to join in myself!
  11. Does anywhere know if there is anywhere in Sheffield that makes fresh pancakes, preferably central. There use to be a pancake shop in orchard square but think it closed down a while ago.. Any ideas?
  12. I am trying to find Amanda Watkinson, she is my half sister and many years ago we use to write. She was born in 1976 to Theresa Bowen and John Watkinson (my dad) I believe they moved to Telford late 70s early 80s. If anyone has any information I would be eternally grateful
  13. We went to the ponds forge xmas party last year, it was fantastic and the food was amazing, not sure if they'll do similar this year or not but im sure you could have the entire night to yourselves instead of mixing with other companies xx
  14. someone had been knocked over, i was on a bus that got stopped going through and thats what the driver told us
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