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  1. Not the cheapest but food is usually really good, the one on Valley centertainment is generally quieter than the one in Meadowhall during the day.
  2. If anyone has any tickets for the Swan Lake performance tomorrow (Sat 12th Jan) ideally 3 or 2 and would like to sell them please email me jamie@2jdesign.co.uk. :-)
  3. Yes we are on Virgin Fiber Optic and its slower than my BT business broadband at home.
  4. Are you investing anytime in SEO (search engine optimization) its so competitive on the web you may need to invest some time to do this.
  5. try a pirate treasure hunt! Brill for all ages, cheap too just use choc coins as the treasure and give them all clues, you can buy eye patches etc in all big supermarkets Did this for mine last year they loved it!
  6. Hi, feel free to give me a call. 2JDesign our site is http://www.2jdesign.co.uk 0114 3218635. Nicola
  7. Thanks after looking for ages couldn't find it and there it was right in front of my eyes submit ticket haha....
  8. We placed an advert in the left column and I need to remove it asap, Im concerned now after realizing this text is linked direct to our website without no-follow tag, this could have a negative effect on our google rankings as a paid link. Please can someone advise how or who to contact to get the advert stopped ASAP> Thanks. Jamie
  9. SEO is not as expensive as you think! It is so important these days to get your website ranked and your website up there with your competitors
  10. Do you have a website, always looks more professional and a good investment
  11. Drop us an email if you are still looking for help on this.
  12. Firefox Chrome Safari Internet Explorer somewhere at the bottom of the list after every other browser I can possibly find (Just a web designer thing, it makes my life hell)
  13. A friend of mine from Grenoside mentioned something similar today.
  14. 0742sheff thankyou I got that message through on email and was fuming. Some people really know how to bring a forum down. This is a friends car and yes quite clearly just a point if anyone spots it or any information either message me or South Yorkshire Police.
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