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  1. People like me? Ah yes, you mean people who want him to have had a fair trial. Have you stopped to ask youself why i may want this? Have you? No, course not well ill enlighten you. Fair trial means less chance of appeal meaning less chance of him getting out on a technicality meaning he will rot in prison for much much longer. Get it now do you?
  2. Absolutely i am. You should be too! YES HE SHOULD <REMOVED>. So they dont give him a trial, that makes it ok for YOU not to have a trial should you be faced by one does it? Will it be ok for people to say, Pah, we know what he did. Hang him high!! Or are you special? <REMOVED>? He wont get the death penalty thats for sure.
  3. It seems that your situation is a tricky one. You must still love him to keep trying but you know what they say about flogging a dead horse. Its the same with a dead relationship but you need to find out where hes at. Ask him outright what he feels, if he loves you, if hes screwing around. Youve know him a long time and so youll probably know if hes lying, if hes lying then he toast, if hes genuine in his answers then you have a basis to sort things out, even if sorting things out means living apart. Thats NOT the end of the word but an unhappy relationship where heads are getting butted with no progress can certainly be the end of both your worlds. Like i said before, the **** off and die was over the top, now you explained the circumstances it seems even more ott, but not a relationship breaker in itself. If his drinking is a bother then get him some help, offer it to him on a plate and if he takes it then again you have a basis to talk. Your GP is good for this but i doubt theyll make appointmens for you, he may have to do that but they WILL give you all the info you need so it can be presented to him. You started out by saying you are having a bad patch, 2 years and counting isnt a bad patch, its a bad relationship and needs fixing or dissolving but to find out where you both stand you need to talk. Finally, has he cheated? Have you cheated? Do you know the reason of have a clue as to why you are having a bad patch? If you have answers to these then i suspect you know where it all will elad. If you dont have the answers to them perhaps you should try and get them. Like i said you are in a tricky situation but ffs dont let these hacks terll you to hang him high, put suggestions in your head you may be scared of him, dont listen to their bile. Its crass and they do it with a smile on their face. Trust me, there are some right nasty gets on here. Good luck, all the best and i hope its resolved in a good way for both of you.
  4. It was the areas mainly occupied by immigrants that made Tescos take the action it did. Tescos would never say this but i know the area well. Also when there was a murder in the flats some times ago. An immigrant killed another immigrant. Its not a popular view i hold but that makes it no less accurate.
  5. Well Wurzle loved Aunt Sally. Love is a feeling.
  6. Having just read through the op and the replies i have this to say. OP, you started it by having a go, perhaps you do this more than you know and could be a reason for excessive drinking. No one likes to have someone constantly badger them for every little mistake. The chances of your house burning down from a bit of food in the oven is slim. **** off and die is a bit extreme. I wouldnt say it but then you didnt say what you said to him. Was it equally as vile? Was it a legitimate complaint? What did you actually say? The fact youve been trying (unsuccessfully) for 2 years now should tell you what you need to know. As for going back to him when youve split up before, well thats your weakness, not his. Ivew been where you are, it was really hard to make the break, i went back to the ex, she went back to me, but in the end we split for good and its the best thing ive ever done. Im not saying you should split over this but really, after two years of what sounds like one way traffic, i think you know whats going to happen next. As for all the disgusting replies from our resident trolls. Making out your man is as bad as Abu Hamza, sticking the knife in, giving you them most over the top and sickening 'advice'. Well you lot just make me sick. You are vile. Im no doubt going to get flamed for my opinion but you see im trying to see it from both your points of view and not just vilify your partner for the sake of making you feel better about yourself. To be blunt, you either love him or you dont, if you do then you need to find out what he feels for you, if anything then take it from there I do wish you the very best of luck but seriously, just have a look back at some of the replies and ask youself, do you really need advice of that sort?
  7. This is only because The Lord Fergie turned them down point blank. They offered him 10 million a season plus bonus. He told them no thanks.
  8. Yes but without the swappable heads.
  9. Theres someone at my work like this. He starts most sentences "i call a spade a spade" then if any og the black people i work with are there hell raise his hand to them and say "no offense" then get on with his drivel. Thing is when someone said his new car looked like a pimps car he went all moody and didnt speak all day and that was only his car that was criticised (sp?)
  10. I thought he was saying youre a scarecrow.
  11. Kill him. Burn him, torture him. Hes just admitted he likes touching kids.
  12. Now how would that look ey? I made a big girly song and dance about people not feeding you then you go and ask me a direct question. Im torn, do i go back on my word and not feed you or do i show politeness and reply? Well i may be a big girly stropper but im not ill mannered so ill bite. I would describe me as me. I can be empathetic depending on the circumstances.
  13. Im happy with the verdict, sort of. Im not so sure he got a 100% fair trial though. Look where it was held, New York of all places. He probably wont see the light of day again outside of a prison exercise yard but i kind of get the feeling an appeal will be filed soon.
  14. I would never risk a ban by stating the obvious
  15. :hihi: ---------- Post added 19-05-2014 at 22:47 ---------- Oooooh you are naughty
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