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  1. Neil Warnock called it Praise or blade!
  2. Have you seen the state of the grass that wasn't fenced off, right mess! Locals ruining it for everyone else!
  3. Maybe he didn't have good reception!
  4. It's at the Monkey club, Hillsborough barracks.
  5. There is a free service called Property alert service that the HM Land Registry offer. https://propertyalert.landregistry.gov.uk/
  6. I've seen a sun halo not sure what you call this?
  7. Well, if your going as well, might be cheaper to split taxi cost with OP! ! !
  8. Just seen a big pile on the side of Rivelin Valley rd.
  9. Closed for refurbishment. Should be back open at the end of February.
  10. Just look at the neighbouring properties to see what others have done.
  11. Found on Wadsley Common today, near golf course side.
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