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  1. shepcanon

    Mink in Sheffield

    Saw a mink killing a rat on the river Don at Hillsborough. Quite a sight
  2. Now that made me laugh coming from you 👍😂
  3. ASDA Or the other only supermarket within a mile of Wadsley, Asda on Catchbar lane.
  4. As an aside I think you don't understand what the British Heart Foundation does.
  5. shepcanon

    Grand Designs - Oughtibridge.

    Thanks for ruining it! ---------- Post added 17-10-2018 at 21:53 ---------- Really liking the exposed copper pipes.
  6. shepcanon

    Grand Designs - Oughtibridge.

    Wrong post code, can't make it too easy!
  7. shepcanon

    Local Sheffield Honey?

  8. Panic over, signs are up informing of road closure. Still won't be enough for some people.
  9. Yes they can. So why are some presuming already. It's not the 26th. If no signs go up before then (it's still a week away), then yes, people could have a right old moan about it then.
  10. Wow, you can see into the future. It's not the 26th of May yet.
  11. shepcanon

    Public transport pfffft!

    Well I was on a new tram and the conductor asked the driver if he could turn down the heating. It was roasting.
  12. shepcanon

    Winter weather thread 2017/2018

    Wadsley but snow sadly slowing down.
  13. shepcanon

    Snake Pass/Woodhead closures

    They used to put a sign out on Rivelin Valley Rd near the junction with Watersmeet rd in the 80's telling you if the Snake pass was closed because of snow.
  14. News update - still there.

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