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  1. my sister delivered newspapers in attercliffe in the late 40s
  2. made a booboo should have said 1944 to 1949
  3. Hi orielanne, I was there from 1944 to 1945 & remember Miss Partridge very well. I thought she had a wicked sense of humour.
  4. Can't believe that you still have to pay to use public toilets in Sheffield
  5. There was another Gosling in my form her name was Doreen, no relation to me,I was never able to contact her as I don't know her married name but I was told that a few years ago she was living in Scarborough
  6. I was in Fry House 1944-1949,but don't think I was outstandingly bright !!!!! If I was nobody mentioned the fact.
  7. Yes madango41 thats us. I don't remember the twins but will ask my sisters if they recall the names. I am June, my sisters are Betty & Anne & we also have a brother, Frank. They were happy days. Nice to hear from you.
  8. Grandad always brought home butterscotch when he went to the Doncaster Races & we loved it, but sorry to say it doesn't taste the same here what ever brand I buy
  9. Can you think of any way to encourage them to come forward. Nice to meet you here eileent
  10. Yes, a few of us are still around but it seems that not many are on the net. I attended there from 1944 to 1949 & so far have only been able to catch up with 1/2 doz. former pupils.
  11. Hi Wain, Can't remember your name - the memory isn't as good as it used to be. My sister Betty was in Miss Ramsden's class & didn't get on with her at all, my teacher was Miss Hoyle. They were good days.
  12. Hi Dinnerlady, We lived at 33 Bodmin St. next to Huntsmans Garden. I went to school there from 1937 to 44 & loved it. Dad used to do a few electrical jobs for Harry. I remember Harry getting us out of bed around 6 a.m. when on holiday & walking with us down to a cafe where we had a mug of hot tea spliced with scotch supplied by Harry. We kids thought it was great but I don't know if mum would have approved if she had known :o
  13. The Hewitts were good friends of ours & occasionally went on holiday with our family to Cleethorpes . I still have a photo of Harry sitting near the paddling pool. Happy days
  14. I remember a Jean Middleton , the family lived in Treeton St 1940s to 50s if that is any help
  15. Huntsmans Gardens,2 teachers I remember are Miss Dickenson & Miss Collins. Way back !!!!!!!!
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