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  1. Thank you all for your great ADVICE. It is all really appreciated. MrChemist hands up my spelling is shocking! But rest assured my product's never suffer. I put 110% into each one. Thanks anyway
  2. Hello all. Over a year ago I started to make & sell glitter glasses & gifts. I did this on ebay and facebook. 6 months later I got promoted in my main job & didn't have time for the making. I want to start again & make a proper go of it bit don't know much about the business side. Do I need to register as a trader/company? Do I need insurance? How do I keep books? just record all money in & out? Is there anything else I need? Thanks in advance Kelly
  3. Hello, I am currently working with a young girl age 14 who refuses to go to school so is home schooled and doesn't have any friends as she isn't from Sheffield she moved here last year. I am looking for a service she can engage in that will help her build relationships/friendships with people her own age and hopefully build up some confidence for her to get back into school.* I have tried Pitstop at Chapeltown a number of times but no answer Thank you
  4. Its a work place and need it doing asap. S35 07805216664
  5. Has anyone got a spare code for the pringles mini football? I bought 2 packs & threw 1 before getting the code. Just been out to buy another pack for code, got jome & its for the movie :/
  6. Hello can anyone help me? Iv lost the number for Alex appleby videographer & I need to contact him about my wedding that is on 29th of this month! Iv google searched and found his old number.....help
  7. Thank you for your replys I will check out these places xx
  8. Hi all, does anyone on here know of a good place for a spa break? Perferably with treatments included in price. Im looking to book for my hen night but dont know where to start. Thanks for looking
  9. does anyone know of any football groups for 4 year olds or is he too young???
  10. i want to do a car boot next week, do you know anywhere i can go??? much detail as poss please
  11. whats still open on west street???v as we are goin out next week and i hear everything has changed
  12. hi everyone, im thinkin of starting a cleaning business, what do you think?
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