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  1. I've not been keeping up with the breakfast show for a while what has happened to Toby in the mornings?.
  2. I also meant to say in the earlier post how good it was to see the old place again Dreb after all these years, [even in that state] how Mr and Mrs Lant must have grafted all those years because I'm sure I remember it was very busy because they were so good.
  3. Good work Dreb I was hoping someone would come up with a shot. Direct link for 'Picture Sheffield' and the photo itself below, I was going to post it in here myself as larger graphic but I know some of these places don't like that so the link will have to do. http://bit.ly/126rV6o THANK YOU AGAIN.
  4. Just can't plaice it eh?. [sorry for awful pun] I wonder if any old photos still exist of Lants shop?, as generations come and go it just gets harder and harder doesn't it.
  5. I was only a child and probably wouldn't have been able to tell good fish & chips from bad fish chips but my parents absolutely swore by Lants chip shop for years. My father used to drive from Rotherham for them and go past countless other shops that he just ignored, I have 146 classic old Attercliffe black & white images from the 1950's and 1960's on my computer and I was disappointed after carefully going through them all to find Lants shop isn't on any of them. ---------- Post added 02-12-2014 at 10:24 ---------- I've got this photograph of another chip shop from around the same time I think don't know if it will stir any memories. [Love the lucky black cat in the foreground] Click Here
  6. A good light-hearted moment in all the gloom this morning on the Foster show when Toby told the story of yesterday's trip to London and his encounter with the worst taxi driver in the world!!!. http://bit.ly/1tMUK3v
  7. I never thought about that Kidley is their broadcasting licence limited to only broadcasting local content then do you officially know?.
  8. I'm so glad someone else agrees, Toby's a good presenter in my view but the show badly needs some injection of life into it talking about what we eat, the Romos, pavements, council tax etc gets very boring after a while so why not at least mix some national content in with local as well to liven it up.
  9. Ahhhhh Andy Giddings you mean then. ---------- Post added 25-08-2014 at 17:08 ---------- When Gids got the sports editors job after Paul left I have to admit my first thought was oh my god no that means we'll get him all the time on the breakfast show but surprisingly for me I actually think he's been quite decent on it and funnier than Paul W although I know that's not exactly saying very much. Another plus to Andy landing the editors job is it's keeping him away from Football Heaven a lot more more often and that's definitely a good thing especially as Jonathan Buchan has come in and so far has been kinda good.
  10. Yes mate the owd internet certainly saw the Green Un off din it, hardly ever missed a copy in the 70's, 80's and 90's it's only available now through the web isn't it never ever thought it would come to that. Chunks of RS is poor you are right but I'm still grateful for having it and like I say I love the sports side I know this will get pelters but I'd have more sport incorporated in the breakfast show. [dives for cover]
  11. Respect your views on BBC Radio Sheffield Boldforester your fully entitled to them as we all are but I can't agree with you no way. Yes I think the breakfast show is at times boring, yes there are other shows/presenters I think are below par and boring too but there are also some very good shows on this station and the local sports side is simply brilliant in my view one of the best for local sport in the entire country I should think.
  12. Hiya again Kidley!, sorry I hadn't realised it's all been discussed before I better go back into the archives and see what people were saying at the time. I'm all for having a local breakfast radio show talking local matters but when interesting local news is thin on the ground they really need to beef it up with other stories nationally to keep everyone interested and listening. I'm sure Sir Tobias Foster would favour this it must be like flogging a dead horse for him at times.
  13. I would miss the breakfast show if it went, I would miss Toby Foster if he went too so I would never call for it to go but is it time for a format change on this show?. Some mornings it's as boring as hell, I certainly don't blame Toby for this but there's just not enough local news for them to discuss to keep it interesting in my view. How about introducing some national news into the show when there's nothing much to talk about locally?, maybe more comedy too with a few different random studio guests to create some fun?. These last months I've really tired of hearing all about our local pavements and roads, Page Hall and the Slovakian Romas, our diets, the Barnsley freedom riders etc etc etc. I also think they need to find a better super-sub than Paul Walker, I like Paul and in the sports dept he was second to none but blimey he's damn boring on the breakfast show even though he does try his best. I like Kat a lot and think she should replace Jen. I know some will disagree with all that but there must be also some out there that agree, tell us what you all think.
  14. Well the first week over, tubby lad back where he belongs and even briefly posting in here what more could we want. When you write your book and really spill the beans I might even buy it Toby. Great to have you back you have many backers on here don't doubt that.
  15. Thanks for that mate so me guess at 75 grand might not be too far out maybe, I know it's not our business but it is kinda interesting knowing what these fellas are on who work in radio. Compared to what we mortal beings on the street earn it's still not bad is it for 3 hours each weekday morning sat on your @ss chatting and every weekend off although I know Toby will work elsewhere at weekends. ---------- Post added 29-01-2014 at 19:13 ---------- Although technically this is not about Toby or the breakfast show in a way it is connected because it's about Radio Sheffield and a presenter who presents on the breakfast show. I've just about had it up to my eyes listening to Andy Giddings on Football Heaven give me Rob Staton, Murray Brinell, Paul Walker or Seth any time over flipping Andy. Andy spends too much time talking instead of just going to the calls, once he starts the calls he forever interrupts the callers to give his opinions, Andy I do not listen to Football Heaven to hear your opinions I do not care on jot about your opinions, I tune in to hear the fans opinions and views end of. Another thing Andy doesn't have a laugh in his body and he seriously needs a humour transplant, through him being rude to Brian the Blade it's also resulted in Brian never ringing in now, like him or hate him Brian the Blade is THE caller most listeners tune in to hear, well done on that one Andy. I just think whenever Andy Gidding's is on that show's rubbish and not worth listening to.
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