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  1. It should have been done long ago also its good seeing them putting cars in .
  2. I heard it was not making money, he may do better selling with the rest of the site is for sale, I understand he couldnot sell from the van if he was not selling meat so.
  3. Job lot on Fridays not been but I can see it off Barnsley road
  4. We have been going for twenty years all family the only thing we ge is first choice of seats, we only pay a booking fee as the rest.
  5. I understand that It is available at loxley we went early this year, it is all outside no shelter at all it was the worst day of this year,for wind and rain, we had to go and change before going for tea, as we were wet through.
  6. We see one most nights go past the house up the road,and then later on going back down to the brook in the bottom of Barnsley Rd.
  7. Our bill came to day, up from 16 to 24.
  8. I went to burncross from about 45-46 up to going to high green , across the road was the gardens and pigstye one day one of the pigs got out and a young lad put his head though railings and got it stuck, the gravedigger came with bar and got him out, I think Mr Evans was the headmaster at the time I was there.
  9. Snooker,turntable ladder,sorry about one thing it could only turn left,that is why there is a lay ‘by across the road.
  10. I did ten years in a heavy construction shop on leaving school, then left the trade, I bought my own little welder at 10 bob a month I still have it under bench,it is a Elto 90amp,it was good for car work,..14gauge rods and 12, for other work,I now have a 150 amp mig it gets little use now as now i find it hard to keep on the joint with my eyes, not being good for close work at ( 77) it will not be sold.
  11. A company is storing tyres in there seen twice now, big yellow vans, just forgot the name.
  12. There was never a pump in that bay when it was operational it was the TL bay so it had room to turn left or right.
  13. Our inside mt is side by side with cash one shows up at once in the account.
  14. I booked one to wadsley, first thing he drove past our house at lanetop, we have a low number,I thought every body knew the lowest No was nearest town,told him where we were gong I told halifax rd where is that,, I. Had to tell him every turn, I reported him, worst one I ever had.
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