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  1. cuttingedge

    Water utility bill

    Our bill came to day, up from 16 to 24.
  2. cuttingedge

    Burncross School..bit of a long shot but..

    I went to burncross from about 45-46 up to going to high green , across the road was the gardens and pigstye one day one of the pigs got out and a young lad put his head though railings and got it stuck, the gravedigger came with bar and got him out, I think Mr Evans was the headmaster at the time I was there.
  3. cuttingedge

    Fire engine leaving the station

    Snooker,turntable ladder,sorry about one thing it could only turn left,that is why there is a lay ‘by across the road.
  4. cuttingedge

    Tig welding crash course?

    I did ten years in a heavy construction shop on leaving school, then left the trade, I bought my own little welder at 10 bob a month I still have it under bench,it is a Elto 90amp,it was good for car work,..14gauge rods and 12, for other work,I now have a 150 amp mig it gets little use now as now i find it hard to keep on the joint with my eyes, not being good for close work at ( 77) it will not be sold.
  5. A company is storing tyres in there seen twice now, big yellow vans, just forgot the name.
  6. cuttingedge

    Fire engine leaving the station

    There was never a pump in that bay when it was operational it was the TL bay so it had room to turn left or right.
  7. cuttingedge

    Yorkshire bank Meadowhall

    Our inside mt is side by side with cash one shows up at once in the account.
  8. cuttingedge

    Taxi knowledge test sheffield

    I booked one to wadsley, first thing he drove past our house at lanetop, we have a low number,I thought every body knew the lowest No was nearest town,told him where we were gong I told halifax rd where is that,, I. Had to tell him every turn, I reported him, worst one I ever had.
  9. cuttingedge

    Chapeltown market

    Hi lil the land belongs to the club.
  10. cuttingedge

    Anyone else excited for autumn?

    Love to see conkers fresh fallen with shell bursting open, it takes back a good sixty years.
  11. cuttingedge

    Volkswagen Aircooled mechanic

    Moved to where the magnet was
  12. cuttingedge

    Van security advice needed

    my son has fitted a lock at the top and bottom @ cost for the locks was £120 he fitted them himself cheap at the cost of replacing the tools and a new door
  13. cuttingedge

    PIP, waiting for the forms to arrive.

    Good luck with your appeal, just watch for tricks like dropping a pen then casually say oh I’ve dropped my pen,waiting to see what you do.
  14. cuttingedge

    Lancaster Bomber, Derwent Dams.

    I was out at Cauldwell Mill this afternoon (Thursday) at 15.05 & saw what I thought was a Lancaster fly very low overhead. Did anyone else see this? It was an amazing sight. Can anyone tell me what aircraft this was?
  15. cuttingedge

    PIP, waiting for the forms to arrive.

    I filled my own out some years ago, had to send it to Leeds, I could have walked to Leeds and back if I was fit some year later I sent for a up date on my claim,and was asked why I did not claim at the same time as my first claim,because local advice centre told me I could only claim for one thing at a time,they cost me four years money when I filled my first claim out I took a copy of it, within a month they sent me another set of forms to fill in the only thing I put different was that I had a hearing aid fitted, they gave me full amount for life.

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