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  1. Hi I also went to Emmanuel . With graysons Harry strutt dick bates. Hugh was the club leader. Played footie table tennis snooker as well. Great place.
  2. Received a parking notice charge today for £60 rising to £100 if not paid in 14 days. No ticket on car in car park of local pub. Was there bout 5-10 mins picked my granddaughter up from nursery. Do I have to pay these cowboys. Or ignore em? Help!!!!!
  3. Anybody know of a northern soul dance lessons anywhere in or around sheffield. ? Would like a few lessons for me and my partner. Pm me or just put a message on here. Thanks.
  4. hi I went to fairthorne. along with my brothers.it was a big rambling house .with dorms which were different colours, and you were placed in one of these . it was for poor or underweight children.we had long walks and activities in the countryside walking for hours on nature trails etc.gave you a hearty appetite. food was a plenty which was great news for us.we had a job everyday to do ie cleaning gardening etc.visits were on a sunday. my dad used to come with a few bob or fruit sweets buns to put in yre bank to b eaten during the week.there was a lot of under privilage children there. we came from Attercliffe which was mostly slum housing in the 60s.so it was a nice break for us and our parents.although I got upset at first and tried to get the bus home on my own.looking back it served a purpose and I enjoyed my time there.very strict rules and everyone stuck to them.
  5. hear hear raymondo.tragic what happened down cliffe.left to rot and decay.was the best place ever.all good honest people top mates all looked after each other.now its soulless seedy place.breaks my heart when I drive past my old st brinsworth st that is.if that street sign could talk what stories it would tell eh.me nd my brothers going to huntsmans gdns Emmanuelle y club jims vimto shop near banners.footy on peace gdns.margarets café opp brown bayleys.great days indeed.
  6. only just found out about billy.remember him well from sportsman and kingshead Attercliffe.i played darts for him.true gentlemen.last time I spoke to billy he was living at south anston I think.rip a true gentleman.
  7. Ey up kev. So sorry to hear bout yre brother pal. Yeah I do see our Geoff we usually go to Benidorm together for a week every sept. He came over last year to an attercliffe reunion at the libbs club on cliff. Loads turned up who you'll know. He's been in Derby bout 40 years now. Not seen Roy Ahmed tho since I left brinsworth st 40 years ago. Wud love to bump into him again. Take care Nd keep in touch Kevin.
  8. hi kevin.just seen yre thread .im gary Sutcliffe.think you were mates with our Geoff.he lives in derby nowq has done for years.hows the rest of yre family? hoe theyre all well.we are all fine nd still kicking about.miss the old cliffe at times.but don't miss the old tin bath.and outside bogs.go down from time to time but its all changed now run down etc.i live at handsworth now have for 25 years.hopr you keep in touch mate.
  9. hi chicken les I remember you.my mum nd dad used the fox all the time.i used to stand outside as a snotty kid eating crisp nd pop from the offsales.think ernest nd winnie owned it, my uncle johnny medley used to go in as well. fat rosie lived nearby.the horans too.i used to go down to yre place past the garages.further down shirland lane was georgie the pigeon man.gud memories.
  10. hiya all.not been on for a while.just been reading stuff from dinner lady old sutty etc.got me thinking bout the old days down ciffe.gud times wiv my brothers nd mates.saw gary butterly in town a few weeks ago havin a beer.went on a school reunon to town wiv jayne nicklin phil milburn. joyce shaw. quite a few more. had a gud night too. but not heard owt since as i dont doo face book.would like to hear from anyone who went as well.remember roy ahmed off brinsworth st. nd my best mate kevin beal [apple] what a gentle giant sadly not wiv us anymore.hope dinner lady is well her mum as well.in fact her brother was in town on the reunion aswell john.
  11. Hiya old sutty. Gaz ere. Ope you r well. Them were the days eh! Hue ebbins Harry savage. Roy aed running riot in youth club. Gud five a side team tho. Graysons Batesy strutty etc. c u soon.
  12. correct raymondo.frank was the strongest man in attercliffe ha ha.the youth club was brilliant for footie snooker table tennis used to hold discos as well.remember grayson family. roy ahmed.dick bates.harry strutt.hugh evans used to run it. with harry savage.they had one of the best five a side teams in the country.i used to go nd watch them everywhere.was devo when it shut down.miss all the camarardy with the lads.butterleys averys stocks as well.
  13. ey up robert how r u keeping ?not seen u for ages.think it was in the old crown last time.hows my old mate fuzzy keeping?see yre col sometimes up handsworth.but dont go out much these days.keep in touch .gary sutcliffe.
  14. hiya i used to go in rads.as a kid then go on the day trips wiv em to cleethorpes. wiv my brothers. pop nd crisp nd ten bob spending money.usrd to look forward to them day trips.only time we got away.i used to work with jimmy adkinsnd his brother. saw him at skeggy earlier this year.i also used to hang around with his sister jane.at emmanuel youth club.think little club is still open.?
  15. hiya tracy007007 i went to huntsmans gdns in the seventies too.mr sanderson was head.pemberton was my form teacher.housley was maths i think.went at same time as phil milburn tony dexter. gary swan.gail o brien. jayne nicklin. loads of people who lived around the school.happy days was a gr8 school.
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