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  1. If it goes again, it needs some runners on the committee. I bet the weekly mileage of the last lot was about zero.
  2. So as there's no byelaws preventing people swimming there as they have been for decades and RMBC don't own it, they should keep out of it?
  3. I emailed Kevin Barron MP, last year. I was copied in on the response he got from RMBC. No byelaws exist to prohibit swimming in the dyke, as RMBC has considered them not necessary. Need to recheck that - a triathlon group was holding regular swim sessions there last year. Similar to Rother Valley and now Harthill Reservoir.
  4. Could you imagine the outcry, if they'd both been sucking on a Camel!
  5. Not just down to the strength of the panels. Under £20 they're unlikely to be treated with preservatives. Buy £20+ and they're likely to be pressure treated with preservative. Put in the cost of your own preservative, time to paint them and consider that painting will only put it on the surface. Worth a few quid more?
  6. What do you actually need to meditate? Nothing apart from a comfortable seat. The rest music/incense is just dressing and possibly distraction. Just sit.
  7. Yeah, just imagine how those car drivers would complain if they had to start paying road tax as well..
  8. I know that if for example you have someone work on your house, you have a responsibility for their work standards as regards H&S. We've got a company near us, employing a subcontracting firm to carry out work near a public area. The company is saying that they have no responsibility as regards the working practices of the subby firm, in respect to H&S. Can anyone point me to the relevant legislation to contradict their viewpoint? Thanks in advance.
  9. Are you sure? If so, how do you know? The transcripts have been widely reported and, as you pointed out, the broadcast is available via youtube (for only one of many sources). I reckon theres probably a lot more people have seen these and are only not complaining because they've seen how large a backlash has been created already.
  10. any option in these to request a received receipt? Basically wanting a mail back, so I can see what the IP is. Ta
  11. You're changing the parameters of your statement now. You said "Great idea - so it's the car's fault, even if the cyclist just swerves out in front of a carefully driven car. " which is what I responded to. If the cyclists in front of you, I take it you're leaving an adequate gap incase he stops suddenly? or if he has to swerve as in rule 213? otherwise its not carefully driven.
  12. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Highwaycode/DG_069858 Rule 213 - take it you've got a licence? Hows it carefully driven if you're driving contrary to the HC?
  13. Whether a m'cycle can filter left or right, a cycle can legally. So whereas a cyclist shouldn't filter past someone indicating left theres plenty of drivers don't know they have indicators, or know they're supposed to check down their nearside before turning off.
  14. Aaah... eyes in the back of your head and hindsight, both usefull tools.
  15. TBH, when it does exist, the peds completely ignore it anyway. Infact you'll usually find they tend to walk on the bit designated for cycles! Wonder if they say "wheres your bell!?!" after getting a blast from a 120db airhorn.....
  16. Not strictly true. Obligatory mirrors area. an exterior mirror fitted to the offside (right-hand side when seated in the driver's seat), orb. an exterior mirror fitted to the nearside (left-hand side when seated in the driver's seat), orc. an interior mirror vehicles must have two mirrors one of which must be option 'a' Reason for rejection: does not provide a view to the rear of the vehicle Cribbed from the MOT manual. So if your rear windows are obscured (say by having a load in the back) your vans not legal.
  17. This isn't the bit with the shared use path is it?
  18. Most are apparantly ill thought out and seem painted purely because the moneys available from central govt to 'promote cycling' (?) You have to wonder about the fact that cycle lanes are painted predominantly with the 'non mandatory' broken line (which effectively means cars can use that part of the road, why bother with a lane in the 1st place?) and generally theres no parking restriction alongside (which confuses car drivers as they somehow expect cyclists to stay in the lane and still make forward progress through parked vehicles) As to councils only acting reactively, that's why I report incidents to the police. Theres little enough done by the police to prosecute dangerous driving at present http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article3850621.ece I've heard too many reports recently of the police reps misinforming the public to stop them reporting incidents (e.g. one cyclist knocked of his bike, being left hooked by a car, which subsequently shot off, was told that he couldn't personally report it at a police station as 24hrs had passed - even tho witnesses were available had phoned and got an ambulance to attend etc. As far as I know thats a hit and run?) If reported incidents rise then maybe they'll have to do something. Soon those incidents I report will have video backup.
  19. Just had a conflict with a van driver. Seemed to think that overtaking meant to get alongside you and then keep moving swiftly left, forcing you into the kerb. This is at the approach to red lights, where there’s already standing traffic. Kept doing it as he was getting a blast from a 120db airhorn… Tried asking him “why’d you do that?”, “what did it gain you?”, “Have you passed your test, never mind applied for a licence or read the highway code?” He was doing the usual ‘look ahead, If you don’t look at the cyclist he doesn’t exist’ Moved the bike back, tried the nearside door. Unlocked. So I opened it. He tried to say he gave me plenty of room as he overtook. Pointed out he didn’t overtake, he never got past me. He merely used the size of his vehicle to try to dangerously bully another road user. “No I didn’t, I’m a cyclist”:suspect: “OK, why don’t you try driving like you know what you’re doing then?” At that point I saw the lights had changed to amber, clipped in and cycled off, leaving his nearside door open. Now following this I heard his wheels spin as he accelerated to shut the door and he passed me blasting his horn. But he gave me about 6’ of room on the overtake!
  20. I disagree that they're to slow down cars. Although I will agree that they stop people 'thinking' about overtaking. There was a study done. looking at roads with and without cycle lanes. On roads without them cyclists are generally given more room by overtaking vehicles. On roads with them cars will just sail by, ignoring the highway code as regards how much space you're supposed to leave. Another thing not considered is that the lanes painted are well under whats considered the ideal width. A car drives down the middle of the lane and I guess the driver expects the cyclist to do the same in his lane? Only problem is the lanes are approx 1m wide. the edge of the lane is designated with paint (notorious for being slippy). CTC guidance is that you cycle NO CLOSER than 750mm to the kerb. (BTW - I remember seeing a recommended width for a cycle lane. It was 6 foot.)
  21. Permissive footpaths or pavements? footpaths, I believe, that bikes aren’t allowed – however they aren’t disallowed either. It’s basically that you have no ‘right’ to use it. Pavements. Kids 10 and under can legally be on there. If you’re with a kid under 10, you can be there. Otherwise you should be on the road/cyclelane. Potentially theres a fine if you’re not. However, Paul Boateng, in guidance to the police, said that they should recognise that some adults would be scared next to busy roads and the fines weren’t for this situation.
  22. 1&2-I drove to work yesterday. Went thro on amber, looked in the rear view, 3 cars followed me. Lights definitely not still on amber. 3 highway code actually says to be aware cyclists can't always indicate. Look for them carrying out rear views (lifesavers) as this can in itself indicate that a position change is imminent
  23. Usual thing. Councils grit/clear roads not cycle paths. Therefore on a frosty morning you've got the choice of gritted roads or frost covered cyclepaths with piles of debris from the decaying roads gathered at the points where paths/roads converge.
  24. Question: any responses to the shouts of "Use the cyclepath" from passing cars? My 2 suggestions are: 1 - "Use the motorway" 2 - "No - You's the cyclepath!" ;-)
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