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  1. Yes same for us.Its happened twice now this yr and like you say,dont bother with a voicemail if it cant give out the correct info!!!!
  2. Was also at Rother valley waiting.Was gutted.I followed a car out with a sticker saying vulcan to the sky.Felt sad for him too
  3. Using park hill flats last week according to radio Sheffield..
  4. Ok.So my dad refered to a vest as been a shimmy? Anybody else aware of this?
  5. It must have been there since the war as there is an air raid shelter in the lower stock rooms...
  6. Hi.Just put foil over the meat loosely to create a steam pocket and hold at around 70 degrees in the oven.
  7. Road was still closed as I passed around 7pm...
  8. Great idea! A toys.a toy to a young child who dosent care if its in its original wrapping ect.They would be happy to have a toy.
  9. I agree.It will be very lonely around there anyone having to pass early in the morning to get to work ect.
  10. Stratford-upon-Avon is nice.Olde worldly ect.Plenty to do even in winter.Plus the Shakespere trail.ghost walks,history walks ect.Plus can recommend a great b and b that's reasonable and close to the centre.
  11. Plus.Recently my sister trailed some bric o brac from handsworth to st lukes and was told...Sorry...We are only taking BOOKS! Due to elf and safety???
  12. Yep.I got the same when my mum died last yr and I asked them if they wanted some furniture.All I got was.Well we don't take brown/wood furniture as it dosent sell.Plus (that? ) isn't fire retardant ect.In a nutshell they just picked and choosed what they wanted....
  13. Hi.As anybody out there ever dyed an headboard? If so how did it go?
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